Nowadays in an oversaturated music industry, it seems like new artists are popping up left and right… but it’s the ones who create from the heart that makes a lasting imprint. Insert Bankrol Hayden, who creates his own version of “pain”music in a way that audiences all around the world can relate to. 

At only 20 years old, the rising star has been to hell and back, and he documents it in his music. In 2017, a 16-year-old Bankrol endured a near fatal car accident in his hometown of Modesto, resulting in a broken back, broken ribs, and an injury on his small intestines. Thankfully, music would be his saving grace. 

In 2018, Bankrol unleashed his viral single “29,” which reminds fans that “pain is temporary.” Soon after, he released hit singles “Costa Rica,” “Brothers,” and “Cabo.”

Fast forward to 2021, the singer/rapper inks his new deal with Atlantic Records, recently opening for 24kgoldn on his headlining tour. His most recent release is “Come Through,” tapping another fan favorite Lil Tecca.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Bankrol at The Novo in Los Angeles, 

For those who don’t know, who is Bankrol Hayden?

Bankrol Hayden. I’m from Modesto, California. I make music. All types of shit.

Can we get a drip check?

Shit, I had a fire ass jacket on. This my boy right here, he styled me for the show. It’s like True, but then wrapped with shiny shit. Then we got the Rick’s on, Rick Owens type shit. Simple little Pro Club, then this GLD and this Icebox.

How much are the chains?

Shit really, I won’t advise no kids to buy chains. I ain’t gonna lie bro, you don’t wanna do that. Invest your money in smarter shit. This one I got gifted to me from GLD, then Icebox was $40k something. 

How does it feel to be opening for 24kgoldn on tour?

Man, it’s amazing. I’m happy to be here. Thankful for the opportunity. Shout out Goldn. He on stage right now going crazy. Let’s turn this bitch up. We in LA, y’all know what it is. 

What’s been the craziest show?

Craziest so far? I ain’t even gonna lie, San Diego was lit. LA’s nice. Friday, we in Anaheim. 

How’s the crowd been?

They been lit. The crowd’s been interactive. It feels good to be in front of people again too, just performing one on one. Because it’s been a minute too, I ain’t been on the road in hella long. We was just in Dallas last week doing some shows at some colleges, Texas Tech.

Have you had crazy fan interactions?

Hell yeah. Today, one of the fans drove 5 hours to come see me. That was hard. She’s been an OG fanpage since I was little so when I seen her, I’m like, “oh yeah.” The day one fans really support the most. 

“Come Through” featuring Lil Tecca out now! How you feeling?

“Come Through” featuring Lil Tecca, out now on all platforms. It’s going crazy. We got some new shit coming, a new single called “No Drama.”

How did you and Lil Tecca link up?

We linked up when we were in Chicago. We did a show, tapped in. After we was at the club together, drinking and shit. We did a song, dropped that shit. It’s going crazy, but I’m excited for what’s coming next too. 

Is there a video coming?

Yeah, I just did some shit with Jandora. He’s doing some shit. We got some more shit on the way too. 

How’d it feel getting the Gold plaque to “Costa Rica”?

Man. That shit was an experience for real. I’m like, “yo, what the fuck?” But I don’t let it get to my head, because I know I gotta keep making more. If I sit and dwell on that plaque, I’m never going to get another one. I gotta be proud of it, but put it in the past. 

Did you think you’d get a plaque this early in your career?

I ain’t never thought I’d get a plaque, fasho. That’s some next level shit, I don’t even know. [laughs] We just going brick by brick, and keep going foreal. 

You got a project in the works?
I got some shit on the way. I might call it Happy To Be Here.

When you were in that hospital bed, did you see this for yourself?

Fasho, I used to always want this shit when I was in the hospital. But really for any kid doing this music shit, chase ya dreams. Work hard. It ain’t even about talent, it’s about how hard you work for real. I ain’t gonna front.

How hard did you work?

Fuck man, when I got out the hospital — I was there for 6 months. I wrote “29” in the hospital bed, came home, then kept working literally out my bedroom. My dad’s garage, I’d record with a mic with a sock on it. It’s crazy. We here now, it’s wild. 

All images by courtesy of Atlantic Records