In September 2020, a cutting-edge technology company, BCA Culture, launched their new app that will eliminate the mystery and intimidation around the business credit building process. The development of this application has drawn on years of expertise unlocking the complexities of establishing business credit and obtaining high limit funding for small businesses. The new BCA Culture app guarantees a company will see results for business credit and funding as long as they follow the patented program created by BCA Culture at their fingertips.

During the global pandemic, an alarming amount of minority businesses were impacted by the plummeting economy.  While “majority” businesses were able to benefit from the additional funds that were injected into the US economy, a disproportionate amount of minority businesses missed out on obtaining business funding due to lack of knowledge or proper documentation, and misinformation.  BCA Culture has created a process that will help the novice business owner obtain top credit to help introduce new products, services, float payroll, purchase equipment, or to maintain its daily operations.

BCA Culture’s CEO comes with years of financial industry expertise with a specialty in building business credit.  Widely known in the industry as simply Darbi, she has brought her corporate expertise and her detailed results in building business credit to BCA Culture.  Formerly known as The Business Credit Agency, Darbi has elevated her strategy to not only include educating our community on business credit but today she and her team have entered the software development lane with the creation of BCA Culture.

The Business Credit Agency in the last quarter of 2019 helped over 75 entrepreneurs obtain over $4.5 Million in Business Credit and Funding Opportunities through teaching online classes. Then January 2020, hit and business has skyrocketed due to COVID-19 and more businesses than ever wanting to be positioned for funding and business credit. “Now, we have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs get approved and funded multi-millions in business credit, grants, and funding! We are also partnered with Mastercard to offer Business Credit Cards for small enterprises to established corporations,” stated Darbi.



Featured Image by Quadir