Timing is everything

Being in the right place at that right time is important too

Don’t rush your process for anything

Your life was designed a certain way for a special reason

Their are skills you haven’t developed that are needed on certain levels

It’s like playing a sport after being injured

If that player doesn’t allow himself time to heal he could re-injure himself

Just because you see others growing at a faster pace doesn’t mean you’re behind

You are on schedule for your purpose

Take this time to polish your skills

Develop new habits that will help you along the way

Find things that will inspire you and your audience

Moving too fast will cause you to crash even sooner

Share where you are if it helps you

But with people who will feed your mind

And give honest opinions that will benefit you

If it takes meeting a new group find those people

Learn your skill like the back of your hand

And protect your talents like your life depends on it

Because in reality it does

Teach yourself to be patient

so that in due season

Others will have the opportunity to see what you’ve been working on