We live in a world full of people. People from all different backgrounds, different ethnicities, all walks of life, along with different shapes and sizes. The Bible encourages us in Psalms 139:14 that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We all come into this world shapen in iniquity (read Psalms 51:5 and Jeremiah 1:5). We all came in out of the wound of our Mother. We were born into this world.

There are 2 important events that happen in life. First, the day you were born and #2 the day you find out your why or your purpose for being born.

Some of us learn quicker than others. Some of us learned to walk before others. Some of us are visual learners, while others are book learners. Some of us learn by having an ear to hear. Others, you may have to give specific details and instructions.

Regardless of the category you fall in, be you-niquely you.

No matter your pace or speed, how fast or how slow you may be, always be reminded that the race is not given to the swift or strong, but to those that endure til the end (Read Ecclesiastes 9:11).

See, in this race, we all have a chance to win and cross the finish line. The prerequisite is to endure.

Wouldn’t it be so grand for everyone to be who they were created to be and doing what they were purposed to do?

No copycats, not thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to think(Romans 12:3), or in competition with each other. Just love, respect, authenticity, and integrity.

Everyone in their own lane. No swerving (meddling) in someone else lane. Just being you-niquely you.

In your you-niquely designed self lies a spirit of greatness. There lies an entrepreneurial spirit to make thine own way prosperous(Joshua 1:8).

Live everyday to the fullest, not taking anything for granted.

Don’t measure yourself by society’s standards. Measure yourself by God’s standards. Uncover your worth. You are good enough.

Don’t allow what you see, make you forget what God said! Be You’niquely you.