Female artists have been taking over the rap game as of late, and we love to see it. Insert Beanz, who not only embodies the true definition of a spitter, but is a student of hip-hop. Hailing from Redding, Pennsylvania, the Puerto Rican rapper jumpstarted her career on Netflix’ Rhythm & Flow, best known for her epic rap battle against Flawless as she stood her ground for audiences from all around the world.

Now, Beanz is excited as ever to be unleashing her highly-anticipated project titled TABLES TURN. A long time in the making, the album is spearheaded by lead single “Pink Drink,” inspired by her favorite drink at Starbucks. Tables Turn is an ode to Beanz discovering herself and taking a hold of her life and career, proving she’s just getting started in this music industry. 

Sheen Magazine caught up with Beanz in downtown Los Angeles to discuss why she named her project Tables Turn, love for “Pink Drink,” collaborating with Dizzy Wright, beauty secrets, doing her own makeup, favorite artists, favorite shows, and more!

How did you land on the title “Pink Drink” for your song? 

I get the “Pink Drink” all the time. This is my favorite drink from Starbucks. A little bit of coconut milk, some strawberries, and that’s it along with the syrup. This shit be smackin’! I was at the studio and I had the drink at the studio. I said the bar and thought “Oh, that gotta be the name! It’s only right.”

Where was the video shot and what was the best memory? 

“Pink Drink” was shot in LA. We had a little studio that we rented out, we really just run and gunned it. We had the little Tesla at the gas station. That’s usually how we do our videos, run and gun it. Make it happen. 

Tables Turn album out now! Why’d you decide to name it that?

We decided to call it Tables Turn because I was always so humble. I always stayed lowkey and minded my business and shit like that. It got to the point where I said “Fuck it!” So the tables turned, I’m not on that no more. 

Talk about the features you have.

We got some dope features on the project. We got Cozz on the project. We did a joint with Reason, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be on the project. Definitely some dope features. The feature with Benny the Butcher is out right now, “As Seen on TV.” I’ve been working on mad shit and trying to keep going with the features. I got some shit dropping with Dizzy. I just dropped some shit with Dizzy and Demrick, “Blessings On The Way.” But me and Dizzy also did another one called “Surf” that’s on the project. 

Was that in Vegas? I know he lives there.

Yeah, we did! We did shoot it in Vegas. Oh my god, Dizzy always got the gas with him! I’m not talking about some little bit, he got the whole ziploc! You’re not even gonna smoke all that bruh! It was dope to shoot the video out there though. That’s my first time shooting a video in Vegas. 

That’s super lit! How do you like Vegas? 

It’s lit. It’s hot as a bitch! But besides that, it’s cool. I like to go to the Strip and walk into random hotels. They got malls inside the hotels! I could go shopping in the hotels, it’s cool. 

How did you like Vegas?

It’s lit. It’s hot as a bitch. Besides that, it’s cool. I like to go to the strip, stop at a random hotel. They got malls inside the hotels, I can go shopping in the hotels. It’s cool.

Talk about your drip. I see you got the Puma on! 

Yes! Shout out to Puma. Puma always blesses me, we just threw on some black pants with it. Shout out to Puma, they always bless me with them packs. 

What are your beauty go to’s? 

Honestly, my beauty go-to would probably be perfecting my makeup. Thankfully, God blessed me with clear skin so I’m not worried about that shit. When I was younger, I definitely had acne. Now, a little bit of soap, a little bit of moisturizer, and we straight. I’ll throw a little cleanser on, but soap and moisturizer.

Do you always do your own makeup? 

Lately I have. I’ve been trying to perfect it. Working, practicing and practicing. Practice makes perfect. At the end of the day, I won’t have to depend on other people to do my makeup. That shit could be a hassle. 

Yea and it costs money! 

Hell yeah, a lot of it too! 

How long does it take you to get ready? 

If I have something to do, I’m waking up at least 3 hours in advance so I could eat, shower, do my makeup, and do my hair. And relax a little bit, I get 10 minutes in between. I need at least 3 hours. 

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

I dress pretty casual on the daily. I like to drip it up though: add some jewelery, add some accessories. Good feets and good socks! You always gotta have the good feets and the good socks, all the time! 

Where do you like to shop out here in LA? 

I like to go to Fairfax. Y’all got mad malls out here, so I pull up to any mall and find some shit. I seen Fashion Nova in the mall the other day,  I’m like “Damn!”

What do you like to do for self care? 

I like to meditate. I like to take Epsom salt baths, very relaxing. I like to go on long drives. Just physically take care of myself, do my toes. My girl Rita takes care of my nails. 

How was it performing at Rolling Loud New York? 

I’m excited because it‘s on the East Coast! I’m from PA, I always used to work in New York. I’d drive straight from work at 4 in the afternoon, get to New York to do a show, come back the next day and do it again. I did a lot of work out of New York, so I’m really excited to be there and connect with the crowd. New York loves that real hip-hop shit, so it’s dope! I love it.

Who are your favorite artists right now? 

Ooh, Doja Cat’s one of them. Who have I been listening to? That new Young Thug project is fire. There’s a couple other joints I’ve been really listening to, but I really gotta look. I listen to anything that’s really dope. I listen to Spanish music a lot, a lot of Reggaeton. Sticking with the roots. [laughs]

Are we going to hear Spanish bars? 

I’ve spit a couple bars in Spanish before, but I definitely want to incorporate it more for sure. Because a lot of people ask me for it, a lot of people. 

What shows do you like?

I’m into Wu-Tang on Hulu. I just finished You last night, the third season. This shit was crazy. YOU is a crazy show, it ended crazy. I watch Snowfall. I’m waiting for Ozark to drop again. I like all them shows that are about drugs back in the day. Ozark is about the cartel, I’m into shit like that. 

Do you ever want to act? 

I’m down to act. My thing is if I see an opportunity, I’m going for it. I don’t care what type of opportunity it is. You want me to act? Where’s the script? I’m in! 

Do you like going out to the clubs?

I went to a strip club the other day. But the last time before that I went to a strip club before that was when I turned 18, that’s how often I go. I always feel like if I’m going to a strip club, I need a bag, you know? 

I was gonna say, how much Beanz throwing at the strip club? 

I didn’t throw shit! My homeboy, he gave me some money to throw. I heard that’s strip club etiquette. If you go with dudes, they supposed to give you money to throw. 

What inspired the visual for Wake Me Up When I’m Dreaming?

It’s the dopest video I dropped yet, only because of the visuals. I’m wearing all white, it’s really like a dream. The end has a cool part where I wake up and it was really all a dream. That’s a little bit of inspiration for people who actually do have a dream. Despite what life throws in your direction, you gotta keep going. 

What are your dreams? 

My biggest dream would be to be able to take care of my family, give them what they deserve because they’re great people. There’s a lot of shit I dream and aspire of, but that’s my biggest goal: to be able to provide for them and let them have your worth. 

Featured Image by Ace of LA