There is something about the beginning of Spring that makes me happy. I see new opportunities and adventures ahead. Spring is all about fun, so plan your days accordingly and step outside to the sunshine. I know leaving winter can have you all up in your head, and that is okay, but Spring to life. Yes, get out and love life. Do things that make you feel good inside and leave all the negative ways of thinking in the past. When did you last do something good for yourself or someone else? How about starting a garden? I love working in my garden with flowers. Plant colorful flowers in your garden this Spring that make you smile.

When I see Texas Thistle, I know Spring is here, and I feel the joy I feel. Most everyone I know has a favorite spring flower or two that launches them into the spring mind of things, and for me, that Texas Thistle and a few others like Texas Bluebell. Springtime is also when I clear out the old and bring in the new. Spring is a magical month for me also because it is when I am the most creative in my writing. Although I love coaching others and publishing, I am a writer first, and Spring brings new ideas and creativity to my life.

Spring is the beginning of all things fresh and new. I see the beauty in nature everywhere I turn. Everything shines. Spring is also the time of year when everybody wants to be outside or become busy. Spring inspires me to create beautiful things for my home. I am a big lover of animals and have a few fur babies of my own, and I can tell you sunshine and beautiful flowers play a significant role in my pet’s energy and behavior. They are happier and more playful.

Sitting outside makes it all better when I am low on energy or feeling a little under the weather. I strongly recommend getting out this Spring and having fun. Do things that bring you and your loved ones closer together. Plan to be outside more, and it will pay off. Spring is a fun and happy time. Get rid of drama and problems, especially if the drama and issues are not your own but someone else’s. If people do not match your energy this Spring, move away from them fast. Whatever you do this Spring, have fun because you deserve it.


Photo by Aamyr on Unsplash