Meet Sheceria Chamblis, also known as Barbee of “Makeupbybarbee.” This young entrepreneur is the definition of what can happen when you have hustle with heart, and dare to step out on faith. This young boss took what she found to be a passion and turned it into a rather impressive career. Having now worked on shows such as Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Atlanta, VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Black Ink Crew New York, and Cpuple’s Therapy, Chambliss is making her name known in the world of celebrity makeup.

Chambliss, affectionately known to the makeup world as “Barbee,” stopped to chat with SHEEN about how she got started, enjoying where she is now, and where she intends to go.


Give us some background on who Barbee the Celebrity Makeup Artist is.

Well, I actually found my passion for makeup around the age of 23 when I went to a photo shoot. My makeup was done at the photoshoot and it looked really good, so I started playing around with makeup to try to recreate the same look, and from there I started doing makeup for my cousins and my neighbors. Then I decided to start a Facebook page, and from there I went viral a couple of times and everything kind of skyrocketed from there.


How did you end up working with celebrities?

My first celebrity client was Shea Johnson and then she began filming with Love and Hip Hop Miami. From there, I began working with an agency that hires make-up artists for the show Love and Hip Hop, and that’s how I ended up working with the cast from Atlanta, and it kind of went from there. Overall, that is how I got my start working with celebrity clients.

Who are some of the other people that you have worked with and who do you still want to work with that you haven’t yet?

I have worked with AJ Johnson, NeNe Leakes, Sierra Gates, Lil Mo, and Porsha Williams to name a few. I would love to work with Gabrielle Union, and definitely Rhianna. I would also love to work more in the movie industry, and I would love to work with Julia Roberts. I love her!


What are some skincare tips for the colder weather months?

Definitely use an oil-based moisturizer because the colder air dries out your skin. For both your foundation and moisturizers, use something more oil-based. The opposite is true in the summer. When it starts to get warmer outside again, make sure your products are water-based.


Can you see yourself doing a makeup line at some point?

I have been asked about that so many times recently, so I guess at this point that might be something I need to look into. I keep getting asked about it, so this might be confirmation that I should do it.


What is your go-to makeup hack?

BLUSH!  No matter what look you’re going for, or no matter how made up you are, adding blush can soften your whole look and make you look like a Barbie doll. I know I have clients that come to me sometimes, and they are not too big on blush but it’s all about having the right shade….But I absolutely love blush!


What are some of your fave must-have products?

I have to have my beauty blender. Also, my primer by Smashbox. You can use that in the summer or the winter. And of course, blush! I love the Bubble Gum colored blush by MAC.


What’s next for you in your career?

The next thing I really want to do is own my own home. I want to upgrade my profession to get into doing movies. I want to take my time because I’m still young and climbing that professional ladder. I also want to expand my makeup classes to offer them in more states. I definitely want to retire in the union and do more movies, and I want to enjoy the adventures along the way!


Chambliss has a big vision for her life and she is passionate about the things she wants to do for her family in the process. She is an inspiration, and she is a shining example of what can happen when you trust yourself and just do it.


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of MakeupbyBarbee