There are so many underrated or simply overlooked brands that cater favourably towards women of colour. Individuals often stick to what they know, apprehensive to adopt change. Shade, pigmentation, and undertone. These are the three components BAME individuals tend to find difficult in finding, when searching for makeup products that simultaneously carry these elements.

One of the most prominent companies of all time, who to date, continue to serve ethnic clients is Mac Cosmetics. Now, do not get me wrong, this brand is absolutely notable, and will forever be recognised as one of the first brands to successfully cater towards BAME individuals. Nonetheless, times have changed and the beauty industry has evolved profoundly. A plethora of brands are not only considering various shades, but also skin undertones, textures, and coverage to suit darker tones.

For example:

Smashbox – this brand is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to selecting the perfect nude and bold lipstick shades for women of colour. The choices are endless, accompanied with great staying power. Their ‘Always On’ range is superb, and most definitely a must- have!

photo obtained from Smashbox

Nars – offers a generous assortment of concealer shades, for long-lasting, luminous and buildable coverage. Their ‘Radiant Creamy’ selection offers a mind-blowing matte yet glowing finish, the ideal highlighting concealer to brighten and cover blemishes.

Also try out their ‘Soft Matte Complete Concealer’ a great product to match your natural skin tone, purposed to blur and cover uneven textures.

photo obtained from Nars

Sacha CosmeticsThe Buttercup Powder is the ideal product to choose when in search of a soft-focus, easy to blend, and colour-friendly highlighting powder. This is one to definitely invest in, it leaves you glowing rather than dulling your makeup!

photo obtained from Sacha Cosmetics

Another alternative is Colourpops Banana Powder, ideal for “medium-dark to deep skin tones.” Its rich yellow formula is more pigmented than most powders that tend to leave a white cast.

photo obtained from Colourpop

Estée Lauder – Two words ‘Double Wear’ Estée Lauder’s game-changing foundation has not only brought forth a selection of varied shades, but long-lasting formulas that stay put. Suitable for all skin types, i.e dry, combination, and oily, this product lasts for an extensive amount of time without wearing out.

photo obtained from Estée Lauder

Another brand, a new one as such, striving to produce colour-friendly foundation hues are UOMA Beauty. With a whopping 51 shades to choose from, alongside an assortment of undertones, it leaves no doubt that one will definitely be able to find a fitting shade from their ‘Say What?!’ range.

photo obtained from Uoma Beauty

Huda Beauty – if you are in search of a highly pigmented eye-shadow palette, that works well on tan to deep complexions, look no further than Huda Beauty. Their ‘Obsessions’ range, consisting of emerald, topaz, and amethyst hues, that are uniquely collaged (amongst other colour ranges) will compliment your skin tone accordingly.

photo obtained from Huda Beauty

Fenty Beauty – Simply put, there is a shade for everyone! From the lightest melanin to the darkest, Fenty has you sorted with an array of stunning bronzers to warm up your makeup and overall tone. It can also be applied to set your contoured areas.

Milk Cosmetics – For an easy to blend all-over-the-face powder, Milk Makeup is your brand! The Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder, in shade – Translucent Deep, offers a beautiful appearance to the skin by blurring pores, imperfections, and fine lines. Moreover, its’ talc-free formula prevents a chalky cast from cropping up, but rather leaves the skin naturally flawless.

photo obtained from Milk Cosmetics

Urban Decay – The beauty brands All Nighter Setting Spray is enriched with a ground- breaking formula that helps your makeup to stay on from dusk till dawn! Sweat-proof, long- lasting, and temperature controlling, this product will leave your makeup looking exactly as you applied it; suitable for all skin types.

photo obtained from Urban Decay

Lancôme – Achieve an immaculate base with Lancômes’ La Base Pro Perfecting Primer, the first step in prepping your skin. This product refines the skin’s surface and prepares it for lengthy make-up wear endurance; its translucent form is suitable for all complexions.

photo obtained from Lancôme

In all, simply research what is out there, read the reviews to gauge whether the product is in alignment with what you are searching for.
Virtual try-ons (i.e foundation colour matches) is also currently a huge technological advancement in the beauty industry. This will allow you to discover your cosmetics shade from the comfort of your own home, including shade previews, to see how it would appears on your skin.

Also, the traditional way still stands, pop into your local beauty department store and test out products, some brands will even send you samples to test via post if requested. There are many more brands being overlooked by women of colour; companies that are providing exceptional products. Explore the options and don’t miss out!

This feature was submitted by Nicole Biredu

Nicole Biredu is a high-achieving creative professional, with a proven track record of providing quality produced content. Having completed her Masters in Fashion Business and Management, she is now focused as a freelance writer working on various projects, as well as a freelance academic editor helping students to achieve the very best. Her desire to write stems from her love of research, and storytelling in various capacities.