Celebrity makeup artist and maven, Tai Young makes beauty easy with her
Five Steps To flawless Technique for the modern day woman.

With success, came progression. Being identified as an everyday modern woman, Tai Young elevates through her art as a glam artist along with sharing her tips to fellow modern day women as well. Her story begins at the age of 16 living in Houston where she found her love for fashion. Deciding to pursue her passion by turning it into a career led to a door of opportunities followed by the unknown. Tai manifested in the fashion industry by starting out as a stylist when she decided to apply to FIDM where she furthered her studies as stylist along with becoming makeup artist.

When asked how she would define herself, Young revealed the many faces behind the definition of an everyday woman. She expresses herself by stating “I am an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and career driven so I feel like the modern day woman has all these things going for her. I mean it is not just like how I used to do, you are multifaceted. I feel like I have my superhero cape on because I’ve been doing a lot.” Holding a fellow resemblance to many, Young continues with a follow up on how makeup can also help portray the modern role.

By having a “fresh face,” you give off a well-rested illusion to whatever style you choose to wear while still going on about your day. Followed by giving tips, Tai gives more insight along with the process of her 5 Steps To Flawless look. Given on her previous experience, showing how the process can be used for any and every one as well as interjecting that when working with anyone, it is not ever found difficult to elevate their features due to each face having heightened definition. It is however a lead to Young’s progression in creating 5 Steps To Flawless along with her book named Glamdemic Guide. Having overall benefits as well as results, Tai’s process saves time while overall being ready for just about anything.

“The Five Steps To Flawless look is the everyday woman because anybody can rock this look. You know, rock this look to work, a PTA meeting, an audition, an interview, or to the gym. You can rock it anywhere because there’s so little makeup, it’s just you enhanced.” Tai shares.

Using the bare face as a canvas to create, Young explains the step-by-step process of a fresh face as a go to look. Whether a beginner, or an expert makeup artist, it is expressed to start your canvas off with the Five Steps To Flawless look. As a moreover experience for the modern day women, Young touches base on having top five products that should be in every woman’s bag when getting ready to the upcoming hot girl summer.

  1. Tai Young 5 Steps To Flawless Vegan Brush Set
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation or powder depending on your coverage levels.
  4. Some type of cheek color. Whether it be a bronzer or blush, however you’re feeling
  5. A lip balm that is tinted to give your lips a little color but also to keep them from being chapped. So, you know if you want to do a lipstick that day, you don’t have to just do a nice little tinted lip balm. Make sure you have a little color.

In addition to what was given, Young gives more tips in her book Glamdemic. Tai continues her artistry journey in her upcoming events. As a result, to her given wisdom, Young remains a staple by giving women from everywhere something worth giving. That being relatable to the mind as well as her open mindedness when it comes to her insight.

For more information on Tai:

Instagram: @taiyoungstyle/@taiyoungbeauty

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