I can’t think of anything Amazon doesn’t have. So when it comes to the topic of beauty, I knew the popular retailer would have my back. I’m guilty of purchasing day in and day out with each week that passes and quite frankly, I’m guilty of having an addiction, to be honest. Check out this list with the most viral hidden beauty gems on Amazon. Let me know if you’ve tried anything on our list in the comments below!

Who said melanated women can’t be bronzed and beautiful? Oftentimes it is assumed that people of color already have “bronzed skin” but in the scope of beauty, shaping and contouring is a form of art. It’s needed to add structure and dimension to the face. Finding the right bronzer for you can be difficult, but as the Ultimate in Beauty – we want to make sure you find your perfect bronzer.

Check out these fan-favorite bronzers for women kissed by the sun.

photo obtained from Sephora

NARS Bronzing Powder in Casino, $38

If you’re looking for that fresh summer tan look, then this one will not let you down. Highly favored by beauty lovers around the world, this bronzer is so silky and easily blends into the skin.

photo obtained from Sephora

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Deep Golden Brown, $44

For those of you with dark skin, we recommend this bronzer. It’s warm on the skin and adds a great amount of dimension to the face.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer, $10

I love the formulation of this production. It adds such a beautiful tan glow to my skin and lasts all day. It has been my go-to for years and I know that it can be yours too.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer, $30

I think I can speak for everyone when I say Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is undefeated. For myself, I have gone back to it time and time again! We’re recommending the Caramel and Toasted shades – both stunning, rich hues.