The maven of all things beauty and fashion shares how she’s made her passion into her career.



 Isn’t it so refreshing at the end of the day to take off your layers – the makeup, clothes, and the daunting to-do list that weighs down everyday life? It feels so good to be in your natural state, free of judgement, and comfortable. That’s the journey we’ve decided to embark on the March/April: Natural Beauty issue. So, strip down to your coziest self, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

SHEEN Magazine, the Ultimate Beauty Guide, is ready to refresh your views on natural beauty! We thought it would be befitting to use the beauty guru herself, Aaliyah Jay. She bares herself with a natural inspo on the cover!

 “To me, natural beauty has very little to do with what’s on the outside. Really, that’s not what makes you YOU, and that’s not what makes you beautiful. I really took the time out this year to understand all the great qualities I have inside. Once you understand what you have inside, it really does shine on the outside. It’s like your entire face changes. You glow differently.” Aaliyah Jay

 The new Aunt Viv from Bel-Air shimmers as our Beauty Spotlight, Cassandra Freeman, she educates us on the beauty technique of Gua Sha! It’s officially moisture szn with celebrity makeup artist, Natasha Chauvet leading the pack with tips to manage skincare during climate changes to keep hydrated skin.

 Sashagai, the owner and founder of Flaws of Couture serves as the Foundation and shares the difference between self-love and beauty. We are talking billions with J. Billions Wimberely in our hairstylist spotlight – she feels like every single woman of earth needs a great quality wig. Our Beauty Tour shares the must-haves for that extra layer of protection from the elements and flawless steps for your skin.

Celebrity Stylist Spotlight, Naya Ashley’s clean styling aesthetic pops as she styles everyone from De’arra Taylor to Dess Dior and Designer Spotlight, Trisha Ekhator gives all things shoe designer with leather or satin fabrics. Sustainable fashion is the wave using organic materials, biodegradable dyes, and engineering patterns!

Michaella Martin shares her eversodopeart work which includes the repertoire of paintings of Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle. Our on the Rise star, Actor, Dallas Dupree Young gives insight into filming Cobra Kai. International recording artist, Marcus Antonio shares his ideal date night and loving on his own terms. For Challenge to Change, Dr. Medina Pullings drops gems on being a world changer! In our Music Spotlight, Sanny Luvv shares the confidence that’s needed to perform and create content.

Build a badass body with Natalie Yco, teaches people the strength needed for both the physical and mental abilities! Travel becomes more in depth with the options for non-binary passports.

SHEEN Magazine’s March/April 2022 Natural Hair Fantasy issue hits stands on Tuesday, March 1st.

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