Power emits from her skin, hair, and even how she carries herself. LaToya Tonodeo shares with us her idea of beauty and much more.

Power runs through her veins, and it’s not just in the title of the series she acts in, Power Book II: Ghost. This beautiful young lady, LaToya Tonodeo shows up with her head held high because she is honest not only to others but most importantly to herself. That’s powerful because when she stands in her truth, she can hear what other people have to say more clearly because she knows who she is. She exclaims with a giggle, “Maybe because I’m a Taurus.”


Her role as Diana Tejada is mighty, she is truly the princess of the family. LaToya explains, “I love that about Diana because even though she is the baby, she has a voice and I think it’s important for all people to have a voice.” Diana’s character wasn’t written in a way to be stifled, instead, she’s still growing and making decisions, which is powerful.


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