Actress Madison Shamoun is ready to shine! She gives us the scoop from how she navigates her
career as the industry roles are changing, to the product she uses on her curly mane and balance skin.

During the pandemic, Madison Shamoun is just taking it day by day. She has been keeping busy and work has started to pick back up again. Madison shared that in the past few months, she has learned that in whatever she does, she has to do it with kindness and empathy. When we are finally able to roam freely again, Madison says she will “come out better, kinder, and more empathetic.”

How it all started

This young woman was born to be an actress but, you don’t have to make my word for it, “I guess my parents would tell you that I came out of the womb singing and dancing,” Madison recalls. Her parents saw that performative streak, so all of her extracurricular activities and hobbies were inspired by her artistic nature. From singing and dancing to cheerleading, and ice skating, then onto commercials and musical theater.


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