In my garden so many flowers bloom

No matter the weather or time of year

There is never an empty spot in my field

It’s not easy taking care of so many different plants

But each one has a benefit needed to keep things going

The Aloe Vera plant provides healing

The roses and sunflowers share colorful radiance

The daisies come in different colors,

Which adds a different taste when needed

The tulips remind me that spring is the best time of the year

Carnations are underrated but provide a beauty for each of its color

The amaryllis teaches me that no matter how beautiful,

Pride should never be a factor in life

The fern is so simple yet important

Keeping me in tune with my emotions

The life I receive from each one of these gifts

Helps encourage me to speak wise,

Stay optimistic,

Be encouraged,

Laugh often, love without doubt,

Fear nothing and grow no matter the season

Take root where you are needed

Change is necessary for every season

Be gentile when developing

Stand strong no matter the direction of the wind

Bloom where you’re planted

Nothing takes away from your beauty

Add to what reflects your personality

Move on when things no longer align with what’s right

Accept the rain when it falls

Enjoy the watering of your soil

Carry no burden

Because it won’t help you grow