Beautycounter – a brand dedicated to releasing products with natural ingredients as well as sustainable packaging has just recently released their first-ever deodorant!

The new deodorant called, The Clean Deo officially launched on January 12th and is available in three scents such as: coconut, lavender, and rose.

What I found super interesting was that the clean brand’s new deodorant actually took five years in the making. In an exclusive statement to Allure, the brand’s Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, Blair Lawson said, “Deodorant is probably the biggest product request that we’ve had from consumers since we launched Beautycounter.” Lawson added, ‚ÄúThere are other clean, sustainable, and refillable deodorants out there, but we wanted to create one that does it all.” 

The new deodorant is recyclable and has refillable packaging – which is a first for the brand.

Refills retail for $18 while new packaging retails for $28.

The key ingredients formulated in The Clean Deo include cornstarch and baking soda – which are the obvious factors in what will keep you sweat-free under your arms. There is also coconut oil and shea butter to nourish and hydrate the under arm areas.

The Cleo Deo is sustainable and recyclable which leaves me thinking that you cannot go wrong.

For more information on Beautycounter’s first-ever deodorant, click here.

Featured Image obtained on the official website of Beautycounter