Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning and Rub LLC began in the summer of
2015 at the home of Ed and Ysante McDowell in Chesnee, SC. 

In the early 2000s (2001-2004), Ed’s style of cooking has always been different and attracted a flux of people in Hattiesburg, MS that the couple would humbly feed. Ed’s passion for cooking has led to his name being on the bottles of Ed’s line of seasonings and rubs that he created.

The recipes were not passed down from generations. Each seasoning and rub was created in the McDowell kitchen. A product that started out in little bags to now bottles.

Ed was given the wisdom to balance each ingredient to create all low sodium and no msg products. When he called his wife into the kitchen to taste what he created, they knew that the Lord had given them something of value. Ed never wanted his name on the bottles, it just happened. Ed’s wife, after hearing God’s voice, took the seasoning to what became the first store to shelf Ed’s in September of 2015.

Available on campus

Ed and his wife had no business or entrepreneurial training or mentors when starting their business. The business began from scratch. Along the way, they began to be more engaged in their local communities and attended classes to further their knowledge of owning a business. With the Lord leading them, the demand for Ed’s has been overflowing. Ed’s wife is the PR person, the marketing/advertising person, and the deliverer to stores along with so many other things that go on behind the scenes.

The McDowells have been on tv shows, radios, and others such as in store demos. Ed’s has reached from the east coast to the California west coast and Alaska and outside of the U.S reaching Africa, Germany, Guatemala, and Europe.

The McDowells had a blue ocean strategy looking beyond just stores. They had a vision of college universities and stadiums. In 2020, the universities began to happen. Click here for details and Facebook/Instagram.

Ed’s is sold in several stores even reaching retail giant and sold online. It was previously sold on Amazon. The McDowells still have plans of other major retail stores along with having a food truck/restaurant.

Ed McDowell-Spice Chef – creator of Ed’s All Purpose Seasoning and Rub

“We never knew that this would happen for our family and we are humbly grateful.” Ed’s is a household name and attracting new customers daily. We appreciate each store and customer and look forward to serving for generations to come.


All images courtesy of The McDowells