From the videos, to the lyrics, to the styling, makeup and more, content has taken a rise and with the explosive scene of social media, it’s not a secret why. Some have an instant overnight success while others go through branding and if needed, rebranding.  Nonetheless these transitions can require assistance. Blair Monique is a branding powerhouse and she’s specializing in helping get.


SHEEN: It’s always a pleasure to encounter women such as yourself. You are a Jill of all traits. Let’s explore. Exactly what you do and the many hats you wear. Tell our readers about your specialties. 

BLAIR: Thank you for that. Wow. I’m a branding and marketing specialist, A&R at a record label, interior designer, chef, a mom and a wife. 

SHEEN:  Wearing so many hats can take away from family, friends, and personal time. How do you find balance? 

BLAIR: I include my family when I can. Whether it be bringing them on business trips or including them in some way when I’m home. I make sure they know how much I love them and they are my #1 priority. They know I do it for them. 

SHEEN: Speaking specifically to your branding and marketing firm, The BMO Experience, what made you decide to delve into that industry?

BLAIR: I needed to be an answer to a major problem. When I started out as an artist, It was so difficult trying to find someone like me who was affordable. Not only that, but bringing a lot of those creative ideas to life sometimes didn’t happen. I became committed to learning. Investing in myself resulted in building an empire I’m extremely proud of. 

SHEEN: There’s so many factors that go in to branding and marketing, what are some of the key factors your firm hone in on?  

BLAIR: Standing out in the marketplace. If I can’t make that happen for you, I need a new career.

SHEEN: When taking on new clients for your firm, what criteria are you ultimately looking for?

BLAIR: I always look for clients and partners who understand the power of investment in themselves. Clients who aren’t afraid to take their visions to the next level. 

SHEEN:  You started your firm in 2014. Most business ventures experience the good and the bad. What challenges did you face by choosing entrepreneurship and how did you overcome?

BLAIR: You experience so many shifts as an entrepreneur, yes, many days I wanted to give up. Some weeks you do incredibly well and others, not so much. You have to remain dedicated to the process. You save when you can so you’re not struggling in seasons of drought. 

SHEEN: What do you feel sets your marketing and branding firm apart from others? 

BLAIR: My style and attention to detail along with the promise that integrity will always be my number one priority.

SHEEN: When someone is ready to take the next step and begins searching for a marketing and branding specialist or firm, what key things should they be looking for? 

BLAIR: They should be looking for someone who knows the power of a strong brand. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile for their client. 

SHEEN:  What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment thus far and why? 

BLAIR: Although I work with celebrities each day, my greatest accomplishment to date is probably helping someone who believed in themselves enough to take the leap. I love to see something that started as nothing become something they can be proud of. 

SHEEN: Who’s your dream collaboration? 

BLAIR: Michelle Obama. 

SHEEN:  Of all the things you’re involved in right now, where is your primary focus? 

BLAIR: I actually have 2. The BMo Experience of course and my position at Anderson Music Group.

SHEEN: If you could take away anything from your journey so far, what would it be?

BLAIR: Don’t forget to celebrate yourself for each win. Even the really small ones. And you give yourself grace for the mistakes. 

Women’s history month has unveiled so many gems. We are thrilled that Blair Monique is one of those gems. We love to see it. When you find yourself in those moments where you don’t know where to start, put your best foot forward and contact Blair Monique. Networking and branding is everything. SHEEN readers it’s time for you to take charge and get in the game. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Blair Monique