How did Flash Photo Booth Events come to fruition?

I have been working in the wedding event industry since 2008 mostly doing catering and coordinating in Orlando Florida. In that time I’ve seen countless photo booths in action at events and I got to observe how much joy it brought to the guests. I have always wanted to provide that kind of fun for people. So when I moved to LA in 2021, I decided to make the investment, and Flash Photo Booth Events was born. 

Who is the person behind the Flash Photo Booth Events brand?

That would be me! My name is Amy Jansen and back when I started in the industry, I discovered that my passion in life was helping create these special moments for people through my work in events. I knew then that any business I was going to start work centered around that.

How did the pandemic affect your business being that you have to be in person, how were you able to move past that?

I started Flash Photo Booth in December of 2021, after the lockdown. However, at the time of the pandemic, I was working as an accountant executive for Millenia Event Catering, and once everything shut down we converted the catering kitchen to help serve the community. If anything, I think the pandemic perhaps even fueled the launch of Flash Photo Booth Events because it allowed me to take a step back and realize life is too short not to pursue your passion. 

How do you plan on taking your brand to the next level?

By staying connected and fostering the relationships we have with our partners and community members while always staying open to new opportunities. One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is how motivated people are here, always ready to start a new project. It’s inspiring. And I think a true key to success is who you surround yourself with. 

How does it feel to be one of the few to continue business past the pandemic?

I think the pandemic really tested the resilience of business owners. Although I didn’t own my business through the pandemic, I wasn’t discouraged from starting an in-person business after. I think humans need to gather together to survive and thrive. I knew we would get back to celebrating eventually.