If you haven’t been watching the No Limit Chronicles Docuseries on BET the past two weeks, then I need you to catch up on the past 4 episodes before the finale tonight, August 12th, 2020

This new docuseries show on Bet Is currently the highest rated show on the network currently.

Seeing that I watched all 5 one hour episodes in one sitting, should tell you that you won’t regret it.

We got to sit down with two past legendary artists from No Limit which was female MC MiaX, Fiend and Executive Producer Randy Ferrell.

MiaX discussed with us how she left No Limit at the highest point of her career, because of her parents and grandmother passing away. She expressed that the reason she stopped rapping professionally, because the No Limit she once knew was no longer. During that time the movement that No Limit started in the early 90’s started to change along with the sound of the early 20th century rap music.

Fiend expressed stepping up and doing more things for the record label that normally Master P would do, once he left to go after his dreams to play pro-ball. Fiend did express that once Beats By The Pound left No Limit, things did start to change and with him having a child on the way he had to make a executive decision for his career to leave No Limit. Fiend talks his current relationship with Master P and attending No Limit University.

Randy Ferrell discussed the network and their decision to put past No Limitartist Mystical in the docuseries, despite receiving possibly backlash because of his past sexual assault conviction and pending current rape case.

Watch the full interview below!



Featured Image courtesy of BET