I recently realized that I befriend friends who need band-aids like myself. Let me explain I attract girls my age and those who are I grew up with or developing a friendship who later along the line have or go through problems that only I can swallow and help the best way I can and neglect myself to help others. I give advice either because I have gone through it or I’ve known people do it and finally common sense. I put people first before myself, and what I go through situations myself I don’t always get the rescue belt like everyone does, which is concerning. What’s the saying?

“I’m everything to everyone, and what am I to everyone.”

My definition of a Band-Aid, which I was a full-time member of it, involves a short-time friend or long-term friend who generally helps others feel emotionally better. When they have done all, they can come to the point where it’s exhausted in the relationship for me. In the end, the individuals later exit out the friend’s life without warning. I’m the right listener, kind, funny, and when you cry, I cry with you, and it’s always genuine. I still have a heavy heart for people, whether it’s for the underdog in which we all are an underdog, either we like it or not — alternatively, just a sad person who needs to have a conversation with someone they trust.

I’m good with secrets due to my memory; I would forget, especially if its life-changing, and it’s something we both know you shouldn’t do, and I shouldn’t say. I’m the type of friend that has your problems on my heart and my sleeve. I now realize I hurt myself in the process. I can’t put band-aids on everyone when I can barely put band-aids on myself.

Just have a reflection moment for a second, why some couples or are even friends stay together than they actually should developing in toxic relationships which we all know aren’t ordeal even in this day and age. The consequences of a “band-aid friend” arguably one of the best parts about being in a long-term thing is that you and your supposed Best friends or Sista will get to know each other’s family, friends, and all hang out together.

That makes weekends and holidays and special occasions fun. If this isn’t happening, them the general idea is that this a big problem.  It was also filled with exhaustion, resentful emotion, and wondering you couldn’t just go to a therapist?

I hardly have time to take care of myself emotionally; why do I have time to wipe your tears when no one is here to clean mine?

The further consequences pertain to a short-term friendship who generally assists others feel emotionally better while. While mine is crumbling every day, they’ve recovered, and it’s always a success, and they exist out of your life, whether it’s: birthdays, graduation, break-up, etc. they’re gone hence, temporary friends. Still, once every other month, they will return labeling them a short – term friend.  A Band-aid friend is helping a good friend and may a sad or depressed friend’s life much better.

Most, likely many others there the sweetest individuals who will help anybody as long we can talk have a conversation some human emotional contact. They are insoluble, may be hesitant to let other friends come close confidantes. They’re approachable on the outside.

However, most of the time, they’re introverts with a purpose everywhere else.  They’re the VIP members of being a band-aid friend. They mean good, I promise.  They have big hearts for people of all walks of life, whether they’re underdogs or just people who’ve been survived a raw plate in their lifetime or for just a moment. That generally need someone to talk too.

But not be so invested into seeing there, that can cause problems.

In closing, Hi, my name is Mandi, and I’m a Legendary member of the Band-Aid Organization. Just do your best not to suffocate me with your issues; thus, I’m still trying to unscramble my own.


This feature was submitted by Amanda Miller


Amanda Miller is an upcoming novelist and contributor writer of Femi Magazine and other digital platforms. She’s a born Canadian with Caribbean roots and a full-time student. Amanda holds an associate degree in English Literature and soon a Bachelor’s in Writing and Rhetoric. Making her a freshman of this semester. She’s also a survivor and warrior of Epilepsy seizure disorder for the last twenty-five years.