Award-winning marriage coaches Danielle and Howard Taylor speak on the importance of being prepared for marriage.

College sweethearts Howard and Danielle Taylor met while attending Bible study at California State University of Fullerton. The two have been inseparable ever since, it was truly destiny when God brought the two together. After suffering the loss of their first born, the couple found peace in traveling, it gave them something to look forward to. Being the founders of Marriage on Deck allows them to live what they believe is a part of their purpose, helping other couples and potential married couples get through the process of building healthy stable unions as one. Their time is dedicated to motivating, inspiring, and encouraging couples to move as a team and to discover the true purpose behind God’s gift of marriage. We are delighted to share Danielle and Howard’s journey and marital advice.

Tell us about yourself. How did you meet?

Danielle: We’ve been together for 20 years and met at Cal State Fullerton Bible study in 2001. We married in 2005. We have been traveling and enjoying, loving, and encouraging marriages and relationships ever since.

Was there love at first sight for you two?

Howard: I felt like I knew she could and would be my wife,the first time I talked to her. I told her in six months, I really knew.

Danielle: I knew that I could marry him, like he could totally be my husband. Once we got on the phone, we were inseparable. We were like two peas in a pod.

What has been the foundation of keeping your marriage together?

Howard: Biblical principles and watching and asking questions from other couples.

Why do you think pride and ego ruin the union in marriage?

Howard: We believe pride is a killer of any relationship. In a marriage that is a team sport.

Danielle: Pride and ego ruin relationships because we have unrealistic expectations for each other. We feel like we’re owed something that we’re not, that’s why a lot of people miss out on good men and women altogether.

What motivated you two to provide these resources for couples?

Danielle: We feel like there has to be something out there, something people our age can relate to, feel comfortable with, and trust.

Howard: So, we looked at Black love. A lot of our relationships are dysfunctional because we’ve had dysfunctional family structure. For Danielle and me, we feel it’s our obligation to help take something that’s so essential to creating healthy people who create healthy marriages.

How did traveling strengthen your relationship?

Danielle: Traveling did a whole lot for our relationship. It helps being somewhere different, where you only have each other to rely on the memories that you create.

Howard: We got to the point where traveling two to three times a year was like having two to three honeymoons. We suffered the loss of lost our first child and it was traveling that helped heal us.

Danielle: Yeah, it helped heal our hearts.

How do you think a man and woman individually should prepare for marriage?

Howard: You have to make sure you understand all the aspects of what the union entails, and having good marriage coaches, premarital coaches is critical to that.

Danielle: Part of preparing for marriage is making sure that you individually have a holistic mind, body, and soul, and are willing to join another person that you’re willing to go in as a team player.

Tell us where readers can stay in touch and access your book and online courses.

People can find us at Howard and I also have a show on the Christian television network that airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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