In this hyperactive and confused galaxy, we all have families one way or another. Whether they or unique. Awkward and extroverted. In fact, without a doubt, we don’t choose our family or our family members, however, in my case and many others who are introverted. I live with loud and often non-sympathetic extroverts. And I’m not the only one which ended in a similar position. Although statistically speaking, in fact, therefore, introverts in this large galaxy than extroverts, which can be much louder than an introvert’s quiet spirit and liking.

Meanwhile, some introverts may seek the quiet shelter and protection of their houses es that filled with lively personalities of the outside world. Others may find quietness like myself. The latter few do as such due to the matter of living among extroverts in the household, and it’s straightforward being the only introvert in your home.

Someone like myself, who is considered an independent introvert but still lives at home, there times where our door is always being known. Opening the door does feel overwhelmed; it’s not your family member; it’s your best friend or the UPS guy with your late package; either way, the door is always knocked on.  When you’re an introvert and raised or growing up, win a household in an extroverted home. Unfortunately, your bedroom door is often closed and doesn’t block out the loud and uninvited noise and conversation; it can be overwhelming and even strike a nerve.

  1. The Door and My space are always being intruded

For I’m the only one who’s an introvert, I’m not too fond of loud conversations either. If it’s on the phone or directly with each other, it does affect a personal level, especially as someone who does suffer continuously with Depression and anxiety. Being the only one who loves the sanctuary and peacefulness of her room and when it comes compromised due to extroverts as siblings or even parents, it does become chaotic, which isn’t a functional space. You grow to fill smothered and will cause constant confrontational situations.

  1. Why do you look miserable?

Unfortunately, it’s a question that can often be misleading and even taken as rude. Trust me, I get it a lot, especially in my household. It’s tragic.

It’s a very dreaded question. If you’re an introvert like me, you will probably be asked this every day based on you not smiling or extremely quiet. In some points, it can be taken as someone cares for your existence, and others want to disturb your peace. But, regardless, please, when we say we’re’ fine. And alone time is such a foreign concept to those who are extroverted.

  1. Such Thing as Vibing to Music and Reading isn’t an Option

There’s nothing better than being in quiet space listening to new trending music or something from the past that can ease the mood you currently have. However, it can easily be disturbed by dealing with extroverts, who are your family members. However, I can surely confirm that I can rarely enjoy these options due to loudness and disturbed visits from younger siblings who want to see what you’re doing. Try to find the perfect place to read your favorite comic or article. When this pandemic is over, make sure you find a friend closer to your nearest café with a quiet atmophile with Zen.

  1. We Sleep Different.

In contrary to the accessible belief we sleep. Differently, our schedules are not like everyone else. Like me, for example, I’m a night owl, and with my disability, sleep is essential, especially living with a neurological disorder like epilepsy. I must get at least 6-9 hours of sleep; however, I am a deep thinker, and I don’t precisely rush anything. When faced with unforeseen issues or changes in plans, especially in an extroverted family, it does raddle my emotions. You immediately feel overridden.

At the end of the day or even night, especially if you’re a night owl reading this being a sincere and sometimes outgoing space. A can be a lot. Although you may have a love for your family, they still might understand your introversion. Even you’ve tried to explain to them time and time again. But it isn’t all negative. There’s a time where they need to understand they need to be left alone. Your alone time is precious to you. They may feel that staying in your room or other places will turn you into a hermit. You don’t want to go on their path.  They must understand, we can all agree that our families mean well. And as an introvert with many extroverts around me daily, including ones as parents. It gets agreeable; I promise you that.