Ber-Henda Williams is a passionate visionary on a mission to help empathic women change the world through their businesses. She took a moment to discuss with Sheen how she became the change agent she is today.

What led you to your purpose?

The short version: trying to be someone else and follow traditional pathways. Inside my pain, trying fit in and conform, was I found that I was put here to here to express myself, serve, and support others in rebirthing themselves. Especially women and girls. Once I got comfortable with being myself, everything else fell into place.

How would you describe your business?

I am personal/biz coach who supports women to embrace their empathic gifts, shift culture, and break barriers through their mission-based businesses.

How do you identify the term empath?

Empaths hold the remedy to healing humanity. These are people who can feel the thoughts, feelings and emotions for others as if they were experiencing it themselves. They often absorb the emotions of others and even environments into their being.  Dr. Judith Orloff, the author of The Empaths Survival Guide, has done groundbreaking work in this arena.

Why do you think identifying as an empath has been so trendy as of lately?

I believe many are waking up to this phenomenon, because we need balance in our world. Many empaths have felt this way their whole life and now there is language for it.

Why are empaths essential to today’s society?

Our world has lost its way and we need more leaders who are stepping up into their full power and demonstration of compassion and cooperative leading vs ego, fear based, and totalitarian leadership. That model is antiquated and obsolete.  The empath offers a more creative, just and inclusive way of leading and service.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A book of poetry in the fall, many empaths are in the creative and healing arts. I am also the founder of a girls leadership program, The Power of Girlhood, so I will be launching more projects and events for girls and I am launching an online summit for Visionary Empaths and if people want to connect with me directly they can find me on FB doing a bi-weekly live for Visionary+ Empaths. 

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All images by Bryana Williams for B. More You Photography