After completing her Cosmetology Degree in 2004, Bernadette started working in a couple of salons. Looking to take her career further, she began taking Mr. Dudley’s business classes, later moving forward to get more involved with the company and became a Dudley Distributor.

Can you tell us more about, who is Bernadette Patterson?

I’m a Salon Owner/ Hairstylist, Rap Artist & I have my own The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Product Line. I’m also a mother of 2 boys a 19-year-old and a 14-year-old. I have been working in my own salon for over 6 years now but have had my hair license for over 18years.

I’m also in with a major company that has been in business for over 50 years in partnership with the cosmetologist and barbers known as Dudley’s Q. I was a distributor for the company selling Dudley Hair Products to the cosmetologist and barbers and offered classes for CEU hours to maintain their license.

My brother influenced me to start rapping by going to some rap concerts he participated in. When I got older, I met Jayo Da Best and decided to write my own songs. Since I have been making songs, I opened up for Black Youngsta, Boosie, Young MA, Migos, and more. I’m also a cameo in Zaytoven’s movie called Birds of a Feather and in his music video called All Day.

When the pandemic started, I came up with my own hair product line called The Dream Team Hair & Beauty. I also had plenty of time to work on my own website. Then I started creating other marketable material to help promote my brand as business cards, brochures, postcards, etc… I started promoting my products on my social sites. I also have my products in 2 different Beauty Supply Stores.

October 9th, I did a commercial in Atlanta with Zaytoven for my hair product line at 4U Recording Studios. After the commercial was done Zaytoven, Zaytoven’s brother Amos Dotson & The Camera Man Duane got some of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products to use at home along with their family. November 20th, I went back to Atlanta to record my new song called Never Knock Me Down. My stage name is B-Rawz ft Jayo Da Best. I did the music video with Zaytoven as soon as I stepped out from the booth that night.

Zaytoven asked me how is my product line going? I said it’s doing fine. I asked him did he use my products yet, he said yes, he love them, and his family loves them too.

When did you know you wanted to become a cosmetologist?

I knew for sure I wanted to become a cosmetologist when I was in High School. At first, I wanted to be a doctor, but I always loved to do hair when I was a child and looked at my older brother doing hair on the porch.

Can you tell us more about your company, Dream Team Hair & Beauty salon?

I have been in business for 6yrs as a business owner/ stylist of The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Salon. I just accepted appointments only. I sell hair products, hair weave, eye contacts, and more. I do a variety of different hair services weaves, chemicals, braids, haircuts, hair color, etc. I’m also hiring The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand Ambassadors. You can fill out the form on this link if you are interested… You can find my form “Form.

What was the motivation to launch the line?

What motivated me to launch the line was when I was in with a major company with the Dudley’s. I use to ride around in the car with Joanne and watch her go around to different hair salons and barbershops selling Dudley Hair Products. Then I started working under her selling Dudley products to the salons and barbershops. I loved the experience I gained from selling the products and meeting different people. I decided to become a Dudley Distributor for the company. I told Mr. Dudley that I wanted my own hair product line but didn’t have the money to invest in my own Brand at the time. When I became a salon owner, I saved up my money and invested in my own line The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Hair Products.

Do you find it difficult to balance running the salon while completing the product creation process?

It can be tiring but I have the right people and mentor to help me along the way.

Being that the beauty industry is considered to be oversaturated, what makes The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Salon and Professional Hair Products different?

My salon is a one-stop shop where you can get a variety of different hairstyles, you can buy hair & hair products at my salon. Stylists and barbers can come to the salon to buy The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products also.

These products are all-natural products and I’m breaking down the ingredients that are in the products on my YouTube Channel The Dream Team Hair & Beauty. Also have an opportunity to make money & become The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand Ambassador just fill out the form on this link: You can find my form “Form.”

What are some benefits of using the Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products?

The Dream Team Hair & Beauty 3-N-1 Hydrating Botanical Shampoo, Body Wash & Shave Cream has 11 Botanical Extracts that are great for your hair & body. Ultimate Strengthening Conditioner helps your hair to strengthen and grow. Polish Spray leaves your hair with a nice shine, and it has ingredients to help your hair to grow.

Flat Iron Thermal Defense Spray protects your hair from the heat from the blow dryer, flat irons & curling irons. It also helps the flat iron glide through the hair smoothly and has ingredients to help the hair to grow. Silk Protein Leave In Detangler works great to help untangle the tangles that are in your hair. Freeze Hairspray is a great holding spray that will help keep your hair in place that doesn’t flake and have a natural shine.

What can we expect from brands in the future?

I will be hiring The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand Ambassadors and will be doing hair shows in the future.

How can people connect with you to learn more, as well as continue to follow The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Salon and Professional Hair Products?

You can follow me on my different social sites at Bernadette Patterson & The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Also, via the website.




All images provided by Bernadette Patterson