Some occasions, like semi-formal events, business trips, or weddings, may test a man’s fashion approach. But don’t get scared by the tag “semi-formal”; you only need to choose footwear that matches the occasion’s formality level without fully committing to a formal appearance. Unlike dress shoes, you don’t need a wingtip or brogues. Any dressy lace-up shoes like oxfords, chukka boots, and derbies can do the job well. With that in mind, this guide will help you choose the best semi-formal shoes for men so you can outstand in any semi-formal event.

If you struggle to figure out which semi-formal shoes are the right style, then you are at the right place. This article will help you break out the best semi-formal shoes for men so you can have the perfect pair.

Which are the best semi-formal shoes for men?

Semi-formal shoes are not casual; neither are they formal footwear. Its formality level lies between casual and formal. Nowadays, many companies arrange semi-formal events where you can’t appear in dress suits and typical shoes. Instead, it would be best to have something that suits your dress code and style. Penny loafers, chukka boots, or Chelsea boots can look great with your semi-formal outfits. A loafer shoe or derby can look best with a suit, but only if you wear a suit or jacket with no tie.

This guide has covered various shoe styles, from loafers to Chelsea boots. Here are the best semi-formal shoes for men that can uplift your personality while maintaining a balance between style and comfort.

1. Loafers
2. Chelsea Boots
3. Chukka Boots
4. Brogues
5. Derbies
6. Dress Boots


Men’s Loafers are undoubtedly one of the most flexible and versatile shoes a man can ever own. Beautiful, sleek designed loafers are best for both casual and semi-formal events. This footwear comes in different shapes and styles. You can get tassel, penny, Venetian, and many other types.

Loafers are considered best for semi-formal occasions due to their classic design with a looser, wider fit, making them attractive and comfortable. They are constructed with perforated rubber soles and a durable upper. You can easily dress them up and down according to the situation.

If you want to buy some loafer shoes for men, you can go to Bruno Marc footwear site that offers different types of loafers for men such as leather loafers, penny loafers, canvas loafers,etc.

Chelsea Boots

Bring some spice to your wardrobe by adding the best semi-formal shoes for men, which is none other than the classy Chelsea. These shoes are the best alternative to dress shoes like oxfords. Chelsea boots have exact ankle length, round toe, no lacing, and a low heel. They are best if you want something less formal and classy.

A pair of black Chelsea boots can be perfect if you attend a semi-formal event and need to wear something appropriate with your tuxedo or suit. These classy, rugged boots can dress up and down quickly and be paired with anything from jeans to a suit. They are versatile and have different color options and designs to elevate your personality.

Chukka Boots

The next best semi-formal shoes for men on our list are Chukka boots. Although they are usually casual shoes, they can go well in office settings and formal events. Like Chelsea boots, they also have ankle-length height, and their manufacturing material ranges from leather to suede to fabrics and canvases. Their thin sole, sleek design, and fine stitching make them classy and stylish footwear.
Dress Chukka boots can be paired with less formal suits and pants. Try creating a semi-formal silhouette by adding these versatile shoes to your attire.


If you want classy and sophisticated dress shoes that are not categorized as traditional but pass as semi-formal footwear, you can go for semi or half-brogues. This footwear is more structured and classy than plain oxfords or loafers. Brogues are made of thick upper, making them comfortable and super elegant.
Semi-brogues are one of the best semi-formal shoes for men. Whether you want to pair them with dress trousers, blazers, or any other semi-formal outfit, these shoes can easily be styled according to your will. They also look fabulous with jeans and a sports jacket. You can even pair them with a suit or trousers and a jacket.


Have you purchased a dazzling pair of derby for yourself? If not, then give it a try. Derbies are less formal than oxfords and more appropriate for casual business settings like meetings, parties, etc.
They have open-lacing construction, which makes them unique and different from oxfords. It ranges from formal to casual, depending on the characteristics. Unlike oxfords, the derbies’ eyelets are present on the top of the vamp, which helps to create a less formal impression. This classic footwear is made up of studier material and a thicker sole. These best semi-formal shoes for men can easily be paired with suits and other formal dressings.

Dress Boots

Dress boots have oxfords or derby construction and have above ankle height. You can wear them as boots by pairing cropped pants or as semi-casual shoes by covering the ankle length. They are great for an office settings, weddings, and parties.
If you want to style your dress boots in less formal settings or rock them with a suit, make sure to choose the best style and design. Choose a polished finish over a matte one. Go for oxfords style construction with leather sole. You can also select perforated designs on the vamp to create a less formal look.


This article has described all the best semi-formal men’s shoes, from loafers to derbies, to help you choose the right pair. You can style the mentioned shoes with any semi-formal outfit, whether a blazer or a suit. You can select any footwear mentioned above with pretty much any semi-formal outfit.
Moreover, regardless of what you wear, always choose the footwear that fits you well, has the excellent quality, and provides ultimate comfort.