Tyler Perry’s Hit Show “Sista’s” birthed a spin-off for Crystal Renee Hayslett & Devale Ellis, the actors who play Fatima and Zack on the hit series! “Zatima” is the spin-off series devoted to the relationship between Fatima & Zack. Fans fell in love with their passionate chemistry despite the many obstacles and roadblocks they had to surpass to make things official between them.

Zatima recently celebrated its second season during an intimate BET screening and premiere in Atlanta this past week! The private screening was filled with BET Executives, cast, and media who support the series. Janee Bolden of Bossip conducted a live Q&A following the screening of the newest episode with the stars Devale and Crystal. They both bragged about how much Tyler Perry and the writers on the show have stretched and strengthened their skill set by taking their characters into new areas. Devale and Crystal both praised their “Sistas” cast mate “Mignon” for the growth fans will see on camera as they take her comedic character of Dani into a more serious storyline in the upcoming season. Devale spoke on the characters, Dani and Zack who both are the comedic element of “Sistas” and now seeing them both transition into a more serious storyline has challenged them to grow as actors. The first episode stems from Zack having a stranger come to his house and announce he’s “Fatima’s” baby father, ultimately Fatima played a trick on Zack so he could understand how she feels dealing with the slew of baby mothers. Let’s just say this series is starting off juicy already and Tyler Perry will not let us down this season by continuing to keep us on our toes about the relationship between Fatima and Zack! Zatima season 2 is now streaming on BET Plus. Be sure to tune in and check out another addictive series by Tyler Perry Studios!


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash