Josh Copeland is the booming and exhilarating voice behind the latest in Gospel. If he sounds familiar to a newcomer’s ears, it is because he placed an honorable second in season 9 of BET’s Sunday Best. Recently, he partook in a heavenly performance at New Birth Missionary Church, bringing the listeners to glory. On December 9th, Josh will be performing another praise-inducing show in Dallas, Texas. Along with performance dates on December 10th and 11h in the DMV area.  His upcoming audience will feel chills when the bass in his voice echoes throughout the room.

Copeland sees himself as a family man first and an entertainer the next. He prides himself on being a devoted husband, father, and of course, a child of God. He lovingly uses the hashtag #copelandpartyof5 when proudly posting his familiar crew. He extends that love to his community as he initially made his start as a praise and worship leader. His breakout song ‘The Blood’ threw him into the arena of professionally producing Christian music.

His single brought to charts such as the Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs as number 22 and the Gospel Airway chart climbing to number 24. Josh acknowledged that these were record breaking numbers and nothing to snooze at. He quickly took that momentum and joined season 9 of BET’s Sunday Best. Placing second was a humble win yet massive accomplishment for the holy singer.

Josh has taken the year of quarantine to create and release a second EP titled, ‘No Fear’. It reached an impressive 15 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel Top 200 Digital Albums chart. Copeland’s 7 track experience was produced by Daniel Weatherspoon and Neily Dickerson. The EP is available on all digital streaming platforms and will get everyone amped for his pending performance in Dallas. Josh Copeland can be followed worldwide on his Instagram.

Featured Image provided by Josh Copeland