Betsey Johnson is known as one of the most iconic designers in the world of fahsion but it looks like she’s ready to step out into a new lane. Johnson has just released a new makeup collection called Luv Betsey.

The new line are Walmart-exclusive – which means they are affordable! Everything in the collection retails for $10!

The Highlighter Palette includes three universal shades in heart pans that are just too cute for words.

There is also a 12-shade Eyeshadow Palette that contains neutral and vibrant shades. They are both matte and shimmery shadows. The Glitter Palette is the sparkliest palette avaliable and includes white, purple, silver, pink, blue, and gold.

The Lip Gloss Shimmers and Lip Gloss Cream Sets are offered in three shades while the Lipstick Set comes in four shades- Rock On (a honey), Fierce (a mauve), Vintage (a berry), and Punk (a classic red). Last but finally not least, the Black Mascara & Eyeliner Duo was created to give the lashes volume while the eyeliner is an easy-glide on gel consistency.


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