So many people are looking for workout alternatives now since social distancing and staying home is a mandate. During the current global health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world, some people are at home and putting their health even further at risk by excessive snacking and being less active. It’s amazing that there was someone in the wings being prepared for such a time as this.

Kylie Ross the Founder of VRoK Virtual Fitness has been ahead of the curve for over 5 years. As a Certified Fitness Instructor since 2015, She launched VRoK Virtual and Mobile Fitness company officially in 2018 and has been providing virtual classes successfully ever since.

VRoK offers a variety of virtual programs ranging from Zumba, BarreAbove, MixxedFit, Yoga and more. The drop in rate to attend one of VRoK’s virtual workout classes currently starts at just five dollars. A traditional gym could never compare with those numbers. 

photo by Al G. Sillah

Kylie’s success with overcoming her own health struggles is what sets her apart from other fitness trainers. “I can anticipate the obstacles that my clients will face  based on their personalities and past factors leading up to their health issues and because I’ve experienced it, I can help them to avoid and overcome theirs.”  

At her heaviest weight Ross was nearly 400 lbs. Triumphing over Joint, Ligament, and Cardiovascular problems, prepared Kylie to help others triumph in their own right. She aims to help women and other attendees thrive even from the comfort of their own home. Virtual Fitness has been her lane even before the current pandemic hit.

Given that virtual is the new normal, Kylie is even more motivated to help people excel in their fitness and she’s showing no signs of stopping. For more information on Kylie and VRoK Fitness, click here! You can sign up for weekly classes and see additional program offerings! You can also follow VRoK Fitness on Facebook.

Featured Image by Flip Sterling