Beyoncé performed her first full concert since 2018, this past Saturday at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. Talks about her  $24 million paycheck for the hour-long show have been swirling for weeks. But if there was any question of her worthiness, Beyonce more than delivered, both visually and vocally.

According to Twitter users and videos from concert-goers, Beyonce performed brand-new arrangements of some of her less-performed hits including, “Beautiful Liar”, “Bigger”, “XO” and even her cover of Etta James’ “At Last”. In addition to being backed by a live orchestra and a plethora of costumed dancers, Beyonce hit dance moves and top-tier notes, incorporated perfectly-timed fireworks into her sets, and brought out her daughter, Blue Ivy for a performance of “Brown Skinned Girl”.

Those lucky enough to witness Queen Bey in person included Chloe and Halle, Sabrina Elba, Nia Long, and her husband Jay-Z. For all of us at home, all hope is not lost, it is reported that there were many professional cameras filming every angle so another concert film may be in the works! We can only hope.
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