It’s still Women’s History Month, and it’s important we recognize all the strong, powerful women who are making a positive impact on the world.

Insert BIA, who just released her highly-anticipated new single “I’M THAT BITCH.” The new record is produced by the legendary Timbaland, and interpolates the Missy Elliott classic “She’s A B!+ch.” 

The cover art itself sees BIA paying homage to Missy, whom she refers to as the GOAT and a “style icon.” Inspiration came directly from Missy’s 1999 album, Da Real World

On Thursday, March 23rd, BIA rented out Lanicure Nail Bar on Sunset Blvd., inviting friends and select media out to get their nails done. If there’s one thing you can count on with BIA, it’s that she’s always got her nails looking fly and vibrant! 

Sheen had the pleasure of attending, being welcomed with a glass of champagne upon entering. The event was all about BIA, with lyrics from her song pasted on the walls. 

BIA sported an adorable black miniskirt, cropped white shirt underneath a leather jacket, and high platform shoes. She’s that b!+ch!