Bianca Batlle Nguema, a painter who has often struggled to reconnect with her roots and does so by taking us on her incredible journey through the arts. At a young age, Bianca’s mother moved from Africa to Spain in 1967, leaving much of her cultural heritage behind. Bianca uses painting to rediscover her identity and to magnify the beauty of women of African ancestry. Many of her works reflect the journey she continues, in exploring what it means to be a “mixed-race” woman and learning much of her ancestry through her environment.

Bianca’s work can be found online through her Instagram and website, where she shares her process in studying the Black female body. Bianca’s portraiture techniques are bold and refreshing – her use of shadows and light reaching out from the canvas. The saturation of the bright yellows, blues, and browns transfers the same warmth and intimacy she has for all Black women. It has become essential for Bianca, while living in a white society, to convey this appreciation for the characters that fill her paintings through introspection. Through this, she can convey strength, beauty, and resilience in many of her pieces.

Friday, Bianca hosted a Virtual Exhibit called “Speaking Bodies” to showcase her latest works created during the COVID-19 quarantine. This pandemic has dramatically impacted communities in Spain. This event is featured on Facebook.



Featured Image courtesy of Bianca Nguema