The Democratic National Committee launched their midterm elections campaign at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville,  Maryland.  President Joe Biden rallied the troops to ensure voters chose Democrats down the line on election day.  He praised the gubernatorial candidate, Wes Moore, for being a combat veteran and joked his only negative was being a Rhodes Scholar.  “Wes is the real deal, folks.  If we all do our part, he’s the next Governor of Maryland.” Moore and his running mate, Aruna Miller are both native Marylanders, spending their childhood in Takoma Park and the Montgomery county area.  Wes Moore attended Valley Forge Military Academy and College and went on to attend John Hopkins University where he studied international relations and economics. After his Bachelor’s, he earned a master’s degree in international relations at Wolfson’s College, Oxford, England as a Rhodes Scholar. Wes Moore went onto serve in the military until 2006, where he retired as a Captain.


Wes Moore said, “I am fighting for a Maryland where we leave no one behind.”  He spoke on education, incarceration, women’s rights and climate change.  The Democratic rally, over two hours long, was filled with nationally known representatives of the party.  All of the speakers had one basic agenda, promote the vote for Democratic candidates and support Biden. Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis stated, “If anyone thinks Democrats don’t have the fight in them, boy do we have a surprise for them. We showed up in 2020 and we are going to battle every single day. There is no disarray on our side. We don’t do drama.  We are too busy delivering.” National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison, Del. Brooke Lierman, the party’s nominee for state comptroller and U.S. Ben Cardin reiterated the same. U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer followed U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin’s eloquent speech and reminded the audience “Joe Biden isn’t technically on the ballot but Joe Biden is on the ballot and Joe Biden needs your support. Joe Biden needs the voice of the people to rise up and say “Joe Biden is doing what he said he would do.”


After President Biden’s thirty minute speech, he and Wes Moore casually moved through the crowd taking photo-ops, shaking hands and hugging emotional onlookers.  If this is the precursor for the Democratic party’s election campaigns, the Republican party has a strong challenge ahead of them.  For more information on the Democratic National Party visit  and forthe Republican National Party visit