Big Boogie is literally the Big Dude… and he just released his biggest song to date.

“BOP” featuring Glorilla is not only a certified banger, but it’s also exactly what the doctor ordered. With over 30 million streams to date, over one billion impressions on TikTok, and Top 50 most Shazamed song in the US, “BOP” is also a big moment for the two artists label, CMG, created by Memphis’ own Yo Gotti.

Big Boogie and Glo are also both from Frayser, Memphis, which is a huge moment for the city.

Sheen spoke with Big Boogie in downtown Los Angeles about the fire new music.

“BOP” is a bop! 

You gotta bop the world! Yup.

Can you bring us back to that session?

Keep in mind, Glo didn’t have a clue how the song was, the name of the song, none of that. I told her “I got a banger for her.” She said “alright, send it.” I called her on FaceTime, let her hear it. I played it, her head almost fell off her shoulders. I sent it to her, it came back and now it’s all over the world.

What was your reaction when you heard “pussy wet, mop! Mop! Mop!”

I knew what she was gon’ do! I knew it, I had faith. I knew what she was gon’ do because Glo’s bumping. I heard everything and she got the energy. Everybody loves her, everybody loves me. Why not go bigger than where we are?

Did you make it for her specifically?

I made it straight for her. I made that song strictly for her. Bop! This our energy.

What did that mean for Frayser?

We the legends of it. Everybody love us. That made Memphis look better. We stand 10, fasho.

How does it feel to see “BOP” do those numbers?

I’m amazed. I’m amazed, but even though I knew it was gon’ do that. All publicity is a blessing. Everything cherishing, I love everything about it. More fans, more connections. I haven’t been to Cali in a year. I’m back now. Now I’m on vacation and I’m working. 

It’s not work when you love what you do.

Yeah, I love what I do. I love working. 

You’re always in the studio too.

Always! Always. I love working.

What’s your biggest turn on?

From a woman? Support. That’s the biggest one. If I ain’t getting supported, I don’t want you at all. Be my best friend. Whatever’s against me, you’re supposed to hate it.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of CMG