It’s a Pretty Boi Swag birthday in Hollywood. On Thursday, Soulja Boy celebrated his 32ndbirthday Big Draco style in a Hollywood mansion with all the trimmings. Everything from a Taco Stand to water hydration station was on hand for guests to partake. The party was exclusive invite only and Sheen was there to capture all the excitement and even caught up with the birthday boy,

“It’s my day and It’s a blessing to turning 32 years old and still be relevant in this game. The new album is out and doing well and I’m just excited about life. You know I’m the first rapper to turn 32 today (laughs)”, he says.

Of course, no party would be complete without Dracos’ music blasting all around the mansion so everyone could know it was his day. His latest album dropped in the spring and had fans going crazy in social media. Guests turned out for the event including actress Torrei Hart,

“Birthdays are always an exciting time for anyone. The past two years have taught everybody to celebrate life and live life to the fullest so I’m excited to be here and celebrate with him”.