Billboard chart-topping singer-songwriter, J. BROWN accomplishes another milestone by landing on the #5 spot on this week’s Billboard R&B charts with his smash ballad, “My Whole Heart.” This fete serves as J. BROWN’s 6th Top 10 Billboard R&B song in the last three years.

My Whole Heart,” was written by Carvin Haggins, julian (Blake Winters) Ray, Naydera Pollard, Carmen LaRen and Maurice Harleyand produced by Carvin Haggins and Giancarlo “EVO” Evola. “When we created My Whole Heart we wanted to come up with a song that would show a woman how much she means to me. It was something that we all felt was missing in R&B at the moment when we started this project. I wanted the person listening, to feel the raw emotions being delivered and I truly hope the song resonates with them,” mentions J. Brown. The beautifully passionate music video was directed by Michael Vaughn Hernandez and made its BET SOUL and global premiere.

J. BROWN’s sophomore album, “THE ART OF MAKING LOVE,” was received with great fan-fare and rave reviews and it debut at #3 on the iTunes R&B Album charts. This album is a testament to J. Brown’s artistic growth and maturity, as it focuses on the theme of actual love.

In celebration of the release of “The Art of Making Love,J. BROWN is gracing the Fall’23 cover of SNUBB3D Magazine. “I feel honored that Snubb3d Magazine asked me to be the cover of their fall issue.” I love what they stand for and I am truly thankful for this moment,” mentions J. Brown.

The Look, The Appeal, The Fashion, The Music. In this year’s fall issue of Snubb3d Magazine, we present Issue 16 the Art of Making Love Issue, featuring the R&B sensation and Billboard charting singer-songwriter J. Brown as the cover model. Our choice of J. Brown is because he embodies what Snubb3d Magazine is all about, which is positivity, good vibes, good energy, and most importantly, good music for the soul. As a result of the broad appeal of J Brown’s music, he is known to resonate with a wide variety of people across the the United States and throughout the world . With this type of energy it is no reason why we wouldn’t have chosen him as the cover model. And of course he has the look and the swag! We are thankful that we could come together and make magic with him. This is a publication that celebrates the success of others and encourages them to go higher. It’s J. Brown Time,” shares Levar Kemp, Editor In Chief of Snubb3d Magazine.