Have you ever considered the intriguing link between birth month flowers and zodiac signs? Flowers are not only visually captivating with their vibrant hues and intricate designs. These blooms carry profound significance, reflecting traits that curiously match star signs.

Unravel the fascinating link between blooms and star signs, offering a scented angle to understanding oneself.


Overview Of Birth Month Flowers

Traditionally, societies have associated specific flowers with each month, drawing from ancient lore, cultural practices, and seasonal blossoms. Two prominent flowers represent each month: a primary and a secondary bloom. 

Yet, there’s more to that. There are also zodiac flowers that, unlike monthly counterparts, can bridge two months, reflecting astrological transitions. Considering birthday flowers for delivery? Why not make it a personalised gesture by selecting birth month flowers with zodiac flowers? The recipient will surely value such a personalised touch, especially if they recognise the significance of their blooms.



The deep hues of carnations mirror January’s chilly embrace. Carnations, celebrated for representing deep affection and esteem, come in diverse shades, each with its distinct significance. Snowdrops, which pierce through winter’s blanket, signal the onset of spring with their message of hope and untouched beauty.

Venturing into zodiac territory, Capricorns bask under the charm of pansies, while the elegant orchid resonates with Aquarians, epitomising sophistication and strength.



February’s primary bloom, the violet, speaks of deep faithfulness and humility. These petite blooms, often found in dreamy shades of purple, offer warmth in the frosty days of February. Complementing the violets, primroses usher in a message of young love and eternal youth.  

In zodiac terms, Aquarius maintains a connection with the orchid. With its tranquil nature, Pisces finds a kinship in the water lily, emblematic of renewal and unsullied grace.



As March ushers in spring, daffodils stand at the forefront, with their radiant petals signalling fresh starts and fervour. Jonquils, relatives to daffodils, express a profound sentiment of love and yearning.

Pisces connects deeply with the purity of the water lily. Following Pisces, the vibrant and dynamic Aries finds its essence captured by the aromatic honeysuckle.



Daisies in April stand for genuine affection, naivety, and clarity. Their classic white petals radiate a childlike joy, celebrating the heart of spring. Complementing daisies, sweet peas symbolise gratitude and bliss.

Aries continues its journey with honeysuckle in the cosmic world, and Taurus, grounded and persistent, is represented by the regal lily.



With its delicate white bells, Lily of the Valley stands for sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness. May’s secondary representative, the hawthorn, is associated with hope and supreme joy.

While Taurus relishes the beauty of the lily, the ever-curious Gemini finds kinship in lavender, with its calming aroma and hues of tranquillity.



Roses, a universal symbol of love and passion, dominate June. Its universal appeal is one reason it’s a popular tattoo choice across various demographics. With various colours, each shade of rose narrates a different tale of emotion. Complementing roses, honeysuckle, often found intertwined with garden fences, symbolises strong bonds of love and the sweetness of life.

Geminis pair with the serene tones of lavender, while Cancer, emotional and nurturing, resonates with the pristine white rose.



The larkspur, vibrant in blues and purples, embodies the warmth and depth of July. Signifying strong bonds and an open heart, it’s a beacon of positivity. Contrasting with the larkspur’s vibrancy, the water lily symbolises serenity and purity.

In the zodiac, Cancerians find solace in the white rose. Standing tall and radiant, the sunflower mirrors Leo’s confident and lively nature.



August blooms with the gladiolus, representing strength, integrity, and persistence. Its tall spikes of flowers come in a rainbow of colours, each narrating stories of summer. Poppies, striking in their appearance, represent a balance of relaxation and dynamic aspirations.

The radiant sunflower remains a symbol for Leos, whereas the modest yet resilient Virgo finds a friend in the chrysanthemum.



The aster, shining bright in September, signifies an enduring spirit, delicate beauty, and a thirst for novel experiences. Morning glories, known for their funnel-shaped blooms, complement the aster, signifying unrequited love and fleeting beauty.

Virgos continue to cherish the chrysanthemum, while Libras, seekers of harmony, are aptly paired with the balanced beauty of roses.



While ‘Marigold’ is also considered a charming baby name, these blooms, radiant in golds and oranges, mirror the autumnal glow of October. Signifying warmth, creativity, and the sun’s undying love, they’re October’s treasure. Cosmos, with their starry flowers, balance the fiery marigolds, symbolising order and peace. 

Libra’s connection with roses continues, and Scorpio, with its depth and passion, aligns with the robust geranium.



November sees the chrysanthemum, steeped in cultural significance, expressing tales of fidelity, adoration, and endurance. The month’s secondary flower, the peony, showcases opulence, success, and respect.

Scorpios share their energy with geraniums, while the adventurous Sagittarius starts its reign with the versatile carnation.



The Narcissus, linked with its Greek legend, represents rebirth and new beginnings in December. Holly, with its deep green leaves and bright red berries, brings festive joy, symbolising protection.

Sagittarians wrap up their month with carnations, while steadfast and ambitious Capricorns begin their cosmic journey under the protective shade of pansies.



Combining birth month flowers with star signs reveals various facets of one’s personality. The next time you’re selecting a bouquet, consider choosing flowers associated with the recipient’s birth month or zodiac sign. It’s more than a floral arrangement; it’s a story woven with stars and petals. Embrace the beauty, value the emotions, and let the flowers tell your story.


Lily Anderson

Lily Anderson is a florist and astrology enthusiast. With a deep love for both flowers and astrology, Lily specializes in connecting birth months with corresponding flowers, creating unique floral zodiacs. With her creative approach, Lily continues to blend the beauty of nature with the intrigue of astrology. Outside of her floral pursuits, Lily enjoys tending to her own garden, experimenting with floral arrangements, and stargazing to find inspiration in the cosmos.