Author, speaker, and television personality Bishop Greg Davis has served over 30 years spreading the word of Jesus. His trusted voice on topics such as dating, marriage, and relationships have helped guided people in their own personal journeys throughout life. Recently, Bishop Davis launched his book titled, Preparing and Positioning for the Right One and released his single, “Lord I Need A Miracle, Right Now” in an effort to continue what he’s known best to do, help people. In our exclusive interview with Bishop Greg Davis, we discussed his time spreading the gospel, his exciting new book, and much more!

With over 30 years spreading the gospel word of Jesus. What would you say this experience has taught you about yourself?

Yes, it’ll be 35 years this October. I think it has taught me that preaching, and ministering is not just for the people, it’s for me as well. Our messages and sermons are more about development of myself. I remember when I first started preaching, I thought I was saying a lot. Well, I wasn’t saying a whole lot because I wasn’t experienced at all in life. I was 26 years old. Now, I can preach those same sermons and I can preach it from my own experiences and transparency. I think people are looking for more transparency and what we have been through to bring the word of God alive in their lives throughout our interpretation and our experiences. I would say, I learned that experience is the best teacher, and it is the best message when you can put yourself into the message. I’ve learned that my experiences along with the word of God helps to make a great message and will help people even more.

Tell us what inspired the creation of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (FGBCF) International.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is the founder, and I am one of the 14 founding fathers. Really, I was and grew up traditional Baptist. I ended up going to some field churches back in the ‘90s. I woke up one morning watching BET and I saw the Making of a Bishop. That was Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., he announced that he was starting a new organization called the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International – it was for Baptists that were Holy ghosts-filled, filled with the spirit. The theme was Changing A Generation, another was A Right to Choose. That means you have a right to choose, as a Baptist if you want to be spiritual. I thought this sounded like something that I needed to be a part of. I called the Bishop, he came to my city and did a crusade, and the rest is history! I became the first state overseer, and the first state Bishop of the organization. I was traveling the country with him organizing the organization. I’m one of 14 founding fathers of the organization, there is a council of 21, and I serve on that council.

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Tell us about the single, “Lord I Need A Miracle, Right Now.”

14 years ago, I recorded a CD called 7 Days of Glory. I am more of a traditional congressional, singing kind of guy. I’m not really a great singer (laughs), I consider myself a preacher who sings before he preaches. I wanted to keep the old traditional gospel music alive. We recorded 14 years ago, and I kept putting it off. During the pandemic, I recorded again, and we’re leading with the song, “Lord, I Need A Miracle, Right Now. Why did we lead with that song? We’re in the midst of a pandemic, a shift in our country, we’ve seen the raid on Capitol Hill, we’ve seen racism, and I just feel that people are echoing this song. People have lost their loved ones, they’ve lost jobs, and I believe this was the single for this time. “Lord I Need a Miracle, Right Now.”

What can we expect from your book, Positioning and Preparing for the Right One?

Many people, especially ladies believe that they’re looking and waiting for this man to rescue them. I used the Biblical illustration of Ruth, Naomi Boaz. Many people have said that Ruth was looking for Boaz. She wasn’t. She had been married before, for ten years to Naomi’s son. He died. She followed after Naomi; Naomi prepared her, got her ready, and got her over the hurdle. She mentored her and got her ready. So many times, women wait for a man to come rescue them. No, Ruth prepared herself and after she did, she got in Boaz’s field and she began working. She positioned herself. Many times, women feel like they have to wait on a man to take care of them or they believe they can’t do things on their own, they have to be married. No, in this book, I am saying to the women: don’t wait for a man to come and do what you can do. Increase your value so that you increase the man that comes into your life. You become a boss and you will draw a boss. You will only draw from what you already have.

Tell us what we can expect to see from you in the 2021?

Well, I have the new CD and I have more books that I will be authoring. One is on the life of Ruth – it is the part two of Positioning and Preparing for the Right One. I’ll also have a workbook coming out and developing some shows also. I will continue to work on the show I am on now on The Word Network.

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