Cream blush is something I’ve always been so scared to try. I recently stepped out of my comfort zone because I personally love how cream blush looks on the face. It is so flawless and glowy on the face but the application process has always been super scary to me.

After watching many YouTube tutorials, I decided to give it a try and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Bite Beauty recently released a whipped blush and well, it’s time we had a conversation, beauts. The compact packaging of the product is all the reason I needed to have this product in my life. I also love the color offerings the brand released as well. Besides all that, I got my hands on the blush in the color Mojito – which is a coral.

All it takes is a light pinch, and the whipped cream formula product came out. The good news is that a little goes a long way. I’m serious, I messed up on the first go-round by applying five dots when in actually, I only needed two or three little dabs.

Bite Beauty Daycation Whipped Cream Blush, $32

When I tell you I am obsessed with the opacity and finish of how this product appears on the face, I truly mean that. It gave my cheeks a little color while giving it a stunning glow – so stunning that I didn’t even apply highlighter.

I couldn’t think of a better time for the brand to release this product ahead of hot girl summer. Stay tuned because I’m definetly going back to Sephora for more colors.

For more information on Bite Beauty’s Daycation Whipped Cream Blush, click here.



Featured Image obtained from Sephora