Atlanta’s MODEx Studio Hosts a Flourishing Community of Filmmakers and Creatives, April 17-20, 2024

The city of Atlanta is set to host a cinematic celebration like no other with the MODEx Film Festival (MFF) making its grand debut from April 17 to April 20, 2024, at MODEx Studio located in the chic Buckhead neighborhood. The brainchild of Tasha White, MODEx Studio’s founder, the festival is an invitation to filmmakers and creatives across the globe to showcase their ingenuity on a vibrant, inclusive platform.


The festival will commence with a series of enlightening workshops on Wednesday, April 17, transitioning into an opening night social that heralds the onset of a four-day cinematic adventure. Screenings, workshops, special events, and more await attendees, as the MODEx TV, Film, and XR Festival unfolds, offering a haven for discovery, creativity, and innovation.

The festival will feature a series of exhilarating premieres where film, TV, and XR projects will light up the screen, witnessed by an audience comprising press, industry stakeholders, and film aficionados. This venture is a salute to both established and emerging filmmakers from Atlanta and beyond, providing a space for artistic expressions to thrive and resonate.

Emphasizing on empowering writers and filmmakers, MFF has curated a schedule enriched with industry roundtables, film screenings, and engaging Q&A sessions with creators. The festival is more than a one-time event; The excitement will reverberate throughout the year with scheduled events in August, November, and a holiday party in December 2024.

A myriad of categories including Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Short Films, and Episodic Content provide a broad spectrum for creators to submit their work. The curated ‘Official Selection’ accolade, along with two complimentary tickets, await every chosen project, marking the beginning of a journey adorned with recognition and communal appreciation. Alongside, a range of festival passes and badges are on offer, with a special 20% discount for Atlanta Film Society annual members, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and celebration that MFF stands for.

Whether it’s the Producer Badge providing an all-access pass to screenings and social events, or the Film Badge offering unlimited virtual and in-person film screenings, there’s something for every film enthusiast. The evening mixer promises a night of glamour and networking, while the virtual all-access pass ensures that the festival’s magic reaches beyond geographical boundaries.

In addition to MODEx Film Festival, MODEx will introduce MODEx Picks, a new bi-monthly shared and immersive film screening experience, kicking off February 7, 2024. MODEx Picks will be dedicated to showcasing diverse, emerging talent with a passion for filmmaking looking to showcase their work in an immersive, unique setting.

Filmmakers, your stage is ready and waiting. Submit your creative pieces now via FilmFreeway: The accolade of ‘Official Selection’ and a host of award nominations await the chosen films. Not just a trophy, but a chance to screen your narrative in front of a live, appreciative audience. Every frame you’ve captured has a story to tell; let MODEx Film Festival be the platform where your stories come alive.


For those keen on being part of this cinematic journey, learn more about the festival and secure your tickets now at MODEx Film Festival:


About MODEx Studio:

Tasha White’s MODEx Studio is more than a studio; it’s a canvas where creativity finds its expression, where stories find their voice, and where the journey of filmmaking finds its community.