There’s a movement going on called “Make R&B Great Again.” Today’s R&B music is an infusion of several different genres mashed together. True music fanatics aren’t impressed by of some of the modern era singers who are remixing old classics to new age tunes. It seems to be a lack in depth when it comes to certain current songs concerning lyrics, range, and melodies.

Multifaceted musician, producer, and vocalist Remey Williams is no stranger to real R&B soul music. He’s on a mission to bring R&B back full circle. As the son of legendary bass player Jimmy Williams of the O’Jays, Remey follows along the journey of his iconic father’s path. By the early age of 10, he mastered playing the drums which ignited his passion for creating and performing soulful music that resonates with diverse audiences.

Williams saw his success rise working and touring with R&B sensation, Summer Walker, on her “Clear” EP.  He’s featured playing on 3 out of 4 tracks released on the jazz inspired body of work: Grave, Wasted, and Settling. Coming from a musical family background and working with other top artists like Jacob Latimore, Damar Jackson, 6lack and B.O.B. he sought the opportunity to put his own hit record out. In the height of current social injustices, Williams saw the need to drop a “ Black Boy Joy” Anthem to help empower other black men in times of despair.

“I wrote “I’m Good” for black men. This world has stereotyped black men as failures, terrible fathers, animals, thugs and much more for so long… I wanted to change the narrative and create an anthem that shines a positive light on black men. I want black men to know they are a catch too, and that they were kings! ”

Williams Debut Single “ I’m Good ” dropped August 4th with a compelling trailer on his Instagram surrounding self love and being a trailblazing king. You won’t catch Remey stopping there, he launched merchandise to keep up the momentum he wants his fans to continue feeling, with t-shirts and coffee mugs featuring quotes like “Highly Melanated” and “You’re A Catch Too King”

“I’ll be dropping my next single “Real Love Ain’t Safe” soon and you can definitely expect a project with some dope features! You’ll have to wait and see who I have this project. Good vibes on the way for sure.”

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Featured Image by Remey Williams