Black women make up a small portion of the wedding industry, and this Black-owned bridal tech company recently featured on Shark Tank took a unique approach. Providing brides and bridesmaids of all shades, shapes, and sizes with fashion-forward dresses.  Many brides turn into bridezilla because of the amount of preparation that it takes leading up to the wedding, but Bridal Babes found a hybrid technical approach. This hybrid technical style approach includes a virtual stylist and lots of consultation support that makes some of their most important tasks a seamless process!


What was the motivation to launch Bridal Babes?

The motivation to launch Bridal Babes arose while looking for bridesmaid dresses for my own wedding. I wanted my girls to have dresses that were form-fitting, almost like an evening gown, not like a standard bridesmaid dress. I literally could not find anything in the size range that I needed, which was size 4, all the way to size 22 and 24. ​​After that, I just knew that there should be an easier way to find bridesmaid dresses that were not the standard flowy tulle, pastel, chiffon style that you normally see. So, at that point, I turned to my then-husband-turned-business-partner and said let’s do this together!

Why Jan-March is the busiest time of the year for bridal services?

January-March is typically when people are like, “Oh my gosh, it’s 2023, and I’m getting married in six months. Let me hurry up and tell my girls to get their dresses!” That’s how the season got the nickname, “Bridal Christmas,” because all those couples who got engaged during the holidays are now switching into full-blown wedding planning mode!


What are some of the services offered that make Bridal Babes stand out from others?

The services that make Bridal Babes stand out are two-fold. The first is with our dress designs. Bridal Babes is the answer to what traditional bridal boutiques lack – fashion-forward, curve-hugging dresses for women of all shapes, shades, and sizes. The key is a special fabric that looks like satin but stretches and drapes attractively over curves. The second is our immersive online experience, with virtual stylists, virtual consultations, and Signature Bridal Babes Q&A Sessions! I like to brag that we were doing virtual consultations a year before David’s Bridal got with the program and launched theirs.


Why are non-traditional style dresses noted to be the best look for a wedding?

Brides and bridesmaids who have curves or who don’t fit in a size 6 are just as deserving of a dress that makes them look and feel amazing! These women are in their twenties and early thirties, sometimes even younger, and they want to show off – not mask themselves or hide under a big tent. That’s why these trendsetting, curve-hugging non-traditional dresses are perfect for women of color and women with curves who are often overlooked in the bridal industry.


When it is so easy to become one… what are 5 ways to not become a Bridezilla this wedding season?

  1. Start early. This includes shopping for bridesmaid dresses! You want to make sure that everything is finalized so that you can enjoy those last three months of being a fiancé, which means bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and all the pre-wedding fun – Not running around after your bridesmaids asking if they purchased a dress, got their alterations, etc.
  2. Realize that things will go wrong. Life is so unpredictable, and you can’t expect to control every single little detail of every single little thing. Know that it is okay!
  3. Do not compare your wedding to anyone else’s. This is an easy way to second guess your ideas and causes unnecessary stress! All that matters is how YOU want your wedding to be.
  4. Stay away from the bridal diet. I can’t stress this one enough – don’t convince yourself that you need to lose 20 pounds for your wedding. Instead, find a dress that compliments YOUR beauty just the way you are!
  5. Remember that this is YOUR wedding. As much as we love our friends and family, this is not their wedding day. Yes, they’ll have their input, but just remember that what you want comes first because it’s your day!


What do you hope our readers gain from this interview?

I really want any readers who are brides-to-be or future bridesmaids to know that dresses that complement their curves and complexion DO exist! If you’re looking for gowns in inclusive sizing and a wide range of shades that really pop on all skin tones, look no further than!

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

I’m really looking forward to continuing our mission of providing fashion-forward, curve-hugging dresses for brown and black women to look and feel their best on their big days! For so long, the bridal industry was set on the traditional style of dresses, but we’ve loved bringing diversity and inclusion into the picture and we look forward to continuing to do so in 2023!


Photo Credits: Stanlo Photography