What inspired you to start Elevations Hookah?

The desire for entrepreneurship and once the inspiration for hookah catering came it was a no-brainer for my business partner and me. 

What difficulties have you had to face in a male-dominated industry?

I couldn’t pinpoint any obstacles we’ve had to overcome due to this being a male-dominated industry rather, the difficulties we have faced have been randomized in actuality but objectively serve to teach important lessons.

Who is Nya behind Elevation Hookah?

Nya is the co-owner responsible for communications, marketing, and supporting the business in whatever it needs. You’ll find me front and center at events often co-piloting the show with my business partner or supporting the team that’s working on a particular event. 

What have you learned on your entrepreneurial journey as a female boss?

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how much truly goes into running a business. I’ve learned the importance of professionalism. I’ve learned how to be more poised and articulate. Above all else I learned that something can be birthed from nothing if you have the desire and willpower to make it happen; seeing where Elevations is today compared to when it began is very motivating.

Photo Credit: Media Girls LA