Original, authentic, and diverse line-up of content creators find a home to tell their unique stories 

Two years ago, businesswomen and co-founders of Tenoir TV Sandra ‘Sandi’ Dieudonne and Ruby Charles Noble joined forces to launch one the most culturally diverse platforms created during the pandemic. At a time in history where the world experienced an unprecedented global pandemic, social injustice reached its pinnacle. Millions of advocates gathered across the globe demanding social change and cultural diversity, inclusion, and awareness – a movement led largely by the Black Lives Matters campaign.

“Tenoir TV is a safe space for all communities to have a voice, to feel like there’s a home for them, and that they can be themselves creatively without any restriction,” says co-Founder Sandra “Sandi” Dieudonne.

Tenure TV co-Founders Sandra ‘Sandi’ Dieudonne and Ruby Charles Noble (Left to Right)

The platform’s co-founder Ruby Charles Noble added, “We have developed a space where cultures collide, are celebrated, and everyone across the color spectrum sees themselves onscreen.”

Tenoir TV’s program line up boast perspectives unlike what is customary on television. This season, relationship expert Rachel Davis focuses on building relationships from the male perspective with her talk show “Demystifying Men.”

Host of “Demystified Men,” Rachel Davis

The show will help women better understand men at the most basic level, so that women can now have better, more loving, passion-filled, prosperous relationships with men,” says Davis. “When we think of demystifying men, one of the biggest nuggets is that masculine men are attracted to feminine woman.” The series now in its second season, talks about the path to healthy, strong and supportive relationships but through conversations with confident men committed to their family. Davis continues,

This is important to know because masculine men do not view masculine women as lovers, but more as their competitor. It is very difficult for a man to make love to his competition. A man’s primary function is to provide and give. However, when they are in a relationship a dn they no longer feel as though their role as a provider is needed, they will end up being with a woman that needs him. Because it’s a need for a man to be needed. When a woman tells a man, I don’t need you, I want you – it strips away at his masculinity,” Davis added.

The platform also boasts comedic relief with Gen Z series “DM-Enomics” – a show that analyzes the triumphs and the strike outs of the digital dating scene that occur through social media direct messages, or better known as ‘DMs’. The show’s creator, Brandon “51B” Odom, tells Sheen about approaching a prospect on social media,“Just be yourself! Unless you’re a weirdo then definitely be someone else. (Laughs) Nah, just be original…don’t use an emoji! Come with something that they never heard of or that makes them laugh or think”.

51B shares that the idea was birthed during the pandemic when “I was sipping too much red wine on a cold quarantine night and got some screenshots and had some dialogue with some close female friends in which they showed me some of the dudes in there DM…and I had the same type of DMs! I realized there were a lot of people out there with no game at all, or they lack basic internet communication skills to put it lightly,” he added.

The show is co-hosted by Detroit singer Brielle Lesley with DJ Nyla spinning the tunes. The cast welcomes celebrity guests and grades DMs while discussing digital dating experiences.

When asked about the worst DM he has had to analyze, 51B explained “I think the super long ones that are like novels or business proposals are the worst. …Serial killer vibes for me.”

Tenoir TV also features films, reality shows as well as docuseries. Still a beloved figure in Hip Hop 30’s after his death, Tupac Shakur’s brother Talib Shakur, will debut new docuseries “Sacrifice” which chronicles the life of their father Mutulu Shakur and learning late in life that he belonged to the Shakur legacy.

I got inspired to make “Sacrifice” after I found out who my father is and then researched him. I was blown away and proud about how he sacrificed so much for his people, including sacrificing family time. I myself was sacrificed because my mother could not take the pressure that came with who my father is. So, after doing the research, I said to myself “I have to find a way to let the world know who Dr. Mutulu Shakur really is,” says Talib.

When asked about how his late brother Tupac Shakur speaks to him now through his music, Talib says “When I hear the struggle Tupac was feeling, it makes me feel. I understand him deeply and when I hear “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” that speaks to how I really feel about our young Queens. When I Iisten to “Dear Mama,” I listen to it with glossy eyes thinking about my mother and how I wish I was that son she needed me to be when I was younger.”

Most Importantly Talib says, “The message of my docuseries is to inspire people to live like the true Kings and Queens that we are and to always strive for greatness,”

We are excited about the stories we are bringing to television and the color it will bring to how people understand the American experience. For example, Korean-American, Haitian-American, and Surinamese stories are just some of the diverse narratives coming to the platform,” Ruby notes.

For more information about Tenoir TV and its unique line-up of original content, visit or @tenoirtv on all social platforms.