Beginning with slavery, a lack of economic opportunity put medical care out of reach for many African-Americans.

During the Jim Crow era, “whites only” Black medical facilities were understaffed, underfunded or did not exist. Black folk remedies helped pick up the slack by involving many plant-based medicines that were also part of the cure, which have been validated in scientific studies and are still used today.

We as African Americans must practice eating healthy and working out to be a better version of ourselves and understand that most of our illnesses come from us neglecting our health and wellness. We must all start somewhere and make up in our minds that if we want to break the curses of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses, we must practice a healthier lifestyle.

African Americans are generally at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, according to the Office of Minority Health. Genetics may play a role in certain instances, but we can take measures to play a significant role in our health, like getting preventive health screenings. Our lives depend on these measures, and we had great people who came before us, like McCune Smith. He became the first black doctor at the age of 24 by earning his Master’s degree and a medical degree in the United States which he treated both black and whites.

We have to focus more on our health and wellness and know that “Health is Wealth.” So if we all go forward and do something about our health, then we all perfectly would understand the assignment of being all that we can be and take care of our temple that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid such a major price so that we can be here today.We are his Legacy, so we must go forward and take care of our precious bodies and know that we only have one body, and the time is now to make a healthier change.


Written by: Kenderley Mcmillan