These icons prove that Black has always been in style.

Black icons have been style connoisseurs for decades, in a world dominated by the Western ideal of beauty and fashion, one ideal of beauty was perpetuated as the norm. Otherness was not always celebrated and recognized in its entirety. Some of us grew up believing the false ideology of beauty only comes in one way/

After constantly being bombarded with images of women that did not represent or look like us, suddenly a wave of the Black icon exploded on our screens. The indoctrination of believing and looking like the Marilyn Monroes and Farrah Fawcetts were the conventional standard of beauty and more presentable started to diminish. From TV programs and commercials “otherness” was a complex topic. During the seventies were saw Black icons such as Diana Ross and Marsha Hunt. Black supermodel, Beverly Johnson graced the cover of American Vogue in 1974 looking ever so gracious.

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