Black Marriage Day takes place on March 26th. Black Marriage Day officially began in 2003 in the United States. The purpose of Black Marriage Day is to emphasize the beauty of Black marriages and to celebrate couples for their sacrifices and loyalty.

Edward and Christina, married for 24 years, have faced and conquered numerous challenges in their lives, including personal traumas and family tragedies. Their memoir, “The Story of Christina and I and Our Marriage: An Essay,” beautifully captures their journey through triumph over tragedy, showcasing their unwavering bond and commitment to each other.

From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, NY, to becoming first-generation college graduates and achieving multiple master’s degrees, Edward and Christina’s story is a testament to perseverance and dedication. Their shared passion for storytelling led them to establish Sledge House Media, a platform to amplify the voices of everyday individuals through books, films, and TV series.

Do you remember the exact moment you knew that you were meant to be together?

Eddie: I knew we were meant for each other the moment we had our first kiss. I felt a spark and special feeling that she was going to be my wife one day. I brought her roses to her 9th grade English class and told her teacher that I wanted to give them to my wife.

Christina: I knew I was meant for Eddie when he proposed to me on Christmas Eve. We were high school sweathearts, but we hadn’t been in a relationship for four years. I asked God to send me the person I was supposed to be with and four days later Eddie proposed. I knew the impromtu marriage proposal was a direct answer to my prayer.

What does Black love mean to you? 

Black love is a safe and unwavering love. It makes you feel comfortable and loved like a warm and cozy blanket. Black love is what our ancestors built our families with. It’s strength and faith in knowing you can endure anything when you put your love at the forefront of everything you do.

What do you hope that other people who are searching for love gain from your love story? 

We hope that people are encouraged and inspired by our story. We wanted to share our journey and the message that love is possible even when you think all is lost. An inspiring message that can stand the test of time.

We have all heard of “Ciara’s prayer.” Christina tells us a little about your prayer as it relates to love.

I prayed for God to put my husband in my life when I was coming out of a very bad relationship. I literally got on my knees and prayed for God to send me the man I was supposed to be with.  Not only was my prayer answered but the phone rang. It was my mother telling me my future husband was in town. Four days later he proposed and, on a whim, and I said “Yes” because my faith was strong in the prayer that was answered. Not only should you pray for love but, be ready to receive and accept it when it enters your life.

Do you believe in work- life balance? If so, how do you maintain it? 

Yes, we believe in work life balance. Starting and running a small business with your spouse can be all consuming. We maintain a balance by scheduling regular date nights and by eating dinner together. We also put our phones away when we are spending time together.

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