Multi-stream guru De’Andre L. Rucker’s is an outstanding force for those seeking to find wealth and sustainability in the world of entrepreneurship. Rucker is a devoted Father of eleven beautiful children, a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, real estate guru, overcomer and a man that will never take the word “No” for an answer. He is an incredible talent who is not afraid to motivate and spill his tea on finding victory in business and life. Rucker’s driving force behind his entrepreneurship successes is the continuous spirit of creating opportunities that were once told he would never obtain.

So often doors were closed in his face. He was even told that he would never accomplish his most desirable dreams and aspirations. There were no options of giving up, the objective was to always win because adversaries were counting him out. Rucker became the driving force and his children became the fuel that kept him going. Failure was never a choice, only a lesson in my journey to success.

When it comes to defining what success truly is to Rucker, his definition begins with completing the goals that people have set for themselves. Instead of peeking into someone else’s vision of success, it’s based on everyone taking a good look in the mirror and asking the questions, “Am I happy with what I have accomplished?”, “Am I able to move forward to succeed again I am victorious? Success should be based on your nod of approval, only. For Rucker, someone who deals with restoring and advocating in the community, it is vital to create opportunities for the ones forgotten. He thrives on being able to teach what was never taught to him. According to Rucker, “communities need financial literacy, talent development to become assets to their future, opportunities to obtain home ownership, and helping dreamers become entrepreneurs through workshops. Our communities need resources. They need opportunities to see that they too can be successful if they have the desire to win, the heart to not give up and someone standing next to them letting them know they are not alone.” Paying it forward is the blueprint.

It’s healthy to differentiate your business in your niche market and Rucker’s response is through creating partnerships with his businesses. Becoming just a worker doesn’t exist in his company. Building relationships within team members are so crucial to him because he wants them to understand they cannot be in the same position seven years from now. He teaches his employees that they are in their respective positions to grow. Investing in your team the business becomes personal. Rucker believes that our passion becomes transparent in everything we do. That very same passion draws other companies to his business for management which has led to substantial growth and development for so many businesses. One non-negotiable for Rucker is honesty. The only way he can help anyone is through being honest not only with him but to themselves.

Rucker disagrees with entrepreneurs who might say, “find a lane and stick with it.” He finds it of importance to diversify your portfolio and not box yourself into an industry. In explanation, if one industry is struggling you have other businesses that can keep you with consistent income because you have multiple streams stemming from a diverse portfolio. Rucker solicits paying attention to what’s next and invest, and lastly, planting seeds in every industry that’s showing potential gains for a chance to watch your company grow.

There are some exciting new endeavors for Rucker in the technology world. Although he is an engineer by trade he will be expanding his company H.I.M.Technology and even has plans in launching a hair and skin care line for Men, Women and Children. Ruckus is on the go as he practices what he motivates and that is diversity being key to the formula of success.

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