Black music has played a vital role in shaping the American cultural landscape and has been a source of inspiration for people all over the world. From the blues to hip hop, Black music has produced some of the most iconic and influential artists in history. The Black Music Honors is an annual event that celebrates the contributions of these artists and their impact on music. SHEEN spoke with 2023 Black Music Honor attendees about what “Black Music” means to them and the impact it has had over the course of their lives.

This show is one of the most anticipated award shows of the year! Heavily attended by media professionals worldwide to be in Atlanta for the Black Music Honors! 2023 lineup featured a star-studded showcase of performers paying homage to the greats such as Robin Thicke, Kenny Lattimore, Raheem Devauhgn, Queen Naija, Lil Mo’, Sevyn Streeter, Jacquees and more! The Black Music Honors 2023 celebrated the rich history and legacy of SWV, Missy Elliot, Jefferey Osborne, Evelyn Champagne and many more!

This event showcases the work of legendary artists who have made significant contributions to the world of Black music, including those who have been pioneers in their respective genres. The honorees were recognized for their impact on music and for their role in shaping the culture of Black music. Legendary group, SWV was given this year’s “Urban Music Icon” recognition as one of the top selling girl groups of the 1990s!

Missy Elliot was recognized with the “Music Innovator Icon Award”. The rapper is responsible for creating out of the box music videos with major hits like “Work It”, and “Get Ur Freak On”. Missy is one of the first writers and rappers inducted into the songwriters hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame.

Jeffrey Osborne was awarded the “Legends Award”. The leader of the 70’s funk and R&B “L.T.D.” spoke to SHEEN about his appreciation of Black Music and what it means to him.

The Black Music Honors 2023 promises to be an unforgettable event that celebrates the legacy of Black music. The event will be a tribute to the artists who have paved the way for future generations and a celebration of the impact of Black music on the world. Don’t miss Black Music Honors airing on The Stellar Network June 3rd, it will be nationally broadcasted from June 10th through July 2nd; and on Bounce TV June 19th.

The event will bring together music lovers, industry professionals, and cultural enthusiasts to celebrate the rich history and legacy of Black music worldwide.