For over 45 years, June has become a month to celebrate, appreciate, and recognize African Americans’ music contributions.  Sheen Magazine had an awesome opportunity to speak with Stephania Andry-Wilkinson the founder of Red Alliance Media. An award winning record label. She has been committed to serving others in the Gospel Music Industry for over two decades.. Sheen Family please celebrate Stephania with us!


Stephania, for those that may not know you are the face behind so many major artist successes. Did You have a musical childhood? Did you grow up singing in church? Walk us through your journey.

As a child, I went to a Catholic school but also a Baptist Church. After finishing School, I went to a Boot Camp on Fort Jackson and after 8 years in the military, I started working as a promotion’s director at Wyok-K104.9, a prominent Urban station In Mobile, Alabama, in 1996. Despite my limited radio experience, the station became a leading hub for hip-hop and R&B along the Gulf Coast. It was during this time my passion for Gospel music was Ignited, and nurtured by my mentor Felecia Albritton, the station program director. She taught me so much. She told me how to not listen to a song for my personal interest but for commercial interest.

After that I started working for Integrity Music, This Label became known to renowned artists like Israel & New Breed, Joe Pace, Stephen Hurd, and several popular Gospel product lines. I also spearheaded marketing efforts for Christian distribution of notable Sony-distributed artists such as MaryMary, Tye Tribbett, and Michelle Williams.

Then after Integrity, I Became an independent representative, helping to launch William McDowell’s Career among others. My journey continued at Entertainment One Nashville, where I served as VP of Marketing and head of Label Services, working closely with Gospel artists including Jonathan McReynolds, Todd Dulaney, and Pastor Shirley Caesar.

When did you start Red Alliance?

I started Red Alliance Media (RAM) in 2018. A label distributed through Fair Trade Services, where I still now serve as CEO. I manage the duo Teddy & Tina Campbell, Teddy Campbell of the Teddy Campbell Band, and Tina Campbell of the platinum-selling duo MaryMary. I’ve had the privilege of being the Gospel marketing manager for Cece Winans” Believe for It” and “More Than This” Both records have had amazing impacts on Christian and Gospel Music. Red Alliance is currently the home of artist such as Maranda Curtis,  LSpenser Smith, Charles Butler & Trinity, Rich Tolbert, and Josh Myles. 

Stephania, so many people are becoming famous and making money just being on social media. Things are constantly changing. How do you manage that?

I’m open to advice, constantly evaluating myself, and surrounding myself with positivity. I just attended a Leadership class. The Music Industry specifically the gospel music industry has changed since I became a part of it. A good and bad difference. I think the heart and motive behind the music have impacted our genres significantly. I’m proud to represent some of the most amazing talents in our industry. These are the ones that inspire constantly and make amazing yet incredible contributions to the genre.

Yes, you are the CEO of Red Alliance but also a wife, a mother but also very important a strong believer.  Introduce us to your beautiful family.

I am married to my best friend Don Wilkinson. He is truly my best friend! We have a blended family of seven children Alexandra, Suni, Kalyn, Kyrsten, Kia Kyle Andry, and Aja Wilkinson. The Grandparents to Olivia (Libby) Andry, Adrian (CHUNK) Andry, and Sanai.  

I tell younger execs or artists… if you try to balance family and this music thing… it will never work. It’s not supposed to balance. The family aspect is vital. If you can’t serve your wife/husband/family, It’s hard to serve others. Take time to nurture yourself and your family. Be sure to manage your house before managing your artist or booking dates. if you don’t the most important things to you will suffer.  It’s easy to get sidetracked. We get so inundated with the “work” we forget the “will”. We forget this is GOSPEL music. We are chosen to help people know and love Him THROUGH music…not us but through the lyrics, the songs, the voices, and the lives of the artists and chosen that represent Gospel Music. It’s an honor!

Whew, that was a good word! Along with all of Stephania’s accomplishments, she also wrote a book in 2016 ” Beyond the Pulpit, The Cries of the Pews”. This book is available on Amazon and other sites. Once again it has been a pleasure speaking with you, Stephania. Any closing thoughts or encouraging words to our Sheen Family?

I would say ” The Thing that I am a part of is bigger than the role that I play. Because of that, I am honored to serve!

Thank you so much Stephania, and we appreciate all that you do!!


Photo Credit: Derek Blanks